13 Fun and Serious Topics To Talk With Boyfriend

13 Fun and Serious Topics To Talk With Boyfriend

Did you get into a relationship sometime back? You must be wondering how anyone can need help with finding topics to talk about with boyfriends. Well, you are not wrong to wonder that, even though you will soon realize that, with time, people run out of things to talk about, and that is the truth for everyone.

In most older, long-term relationships, silence seems to be the one haunting factor that disturbs every couple. Most of the things the new couples are talking about, the older ones have already spoken about the same at length. Now, it is almost hard to keep up a conversation, and somehow it seems like you have exhausted all talking points with your boyfriend, left with mere “how was your day” and “I love you.”

It’s okay. It happens to everyone at one point in a relationship. What’s important is that you are consciously trying to keep the conversations flowing. Isn’t that why you are here today? We have come up with a specially curated list of topics to talk about with boyfriends. It will bring you closer to your sweetheart and help you understand him better.

Let’s Start With Fun Topics To Discuss With Your Boyfriend:

#1 Share Funny Experiences

Ask him if anything funny has happened in his office or share the same if you recently had a funny experience of your own. 

#2 A Joke A Day 

Among the cute topics to talk about with your boyfriend, sharing a funny story or joke you heard in recent times sounds like a good idea. It might not be much, but it is a great way to start a conversation. And you never know where that discussion will lead; maybe you will find out things you never thought he would share with you. 

#3 What’s the News?

Did you hear some new music that stuck with you? Or some news that had you preoccupied all through the day? If so, it sounds like the perfect topic to discuss with BAE. Tell him how you love the new horror podcast you have been listening to at night or some new series that you have discovered; you did not expect much from it, but it blew your mind. While you share your reviews of stuff that you have found out recently, ask him about the new things that have kept him occupied lately. It seems trivial, but once you cross the ‘new relationship’ threshold, these are the topics that help your conversations flow.

#4 Ask Him About His Family

Family is one topic of discussion that can be both fun and serious, depending on the dynamics of their relationship. Nevertheless, it is a great conversation starter. And, you are his girlfriend; even if his family dynamics are not so superb, you should always enquire how things are going and how he is holding up. 

#5 Current Affairs

Global affairs are always a good topic to discuss. It will keep both of you updated on important events. You can share your views and ideas and have a productive and fulfilling discussion with your sweetheart.

#6 What’s On Your Bucket List?

If you still don’t know the top five things on your boyfriend’s bucket list, then it is high time you ask him. Wouldn’t you want to be responsible for the fulfillment of at least one of those things? It would be expressing your love in the best way possible.  

#7 One Hobby He Is Yet To Try Out

We all have hobbies that keep us occupied on those boring days. And we also have hobbies that we are yet to try out. Ask your boyfriend about the same and see if you can finally make it happen for him. Maybe he is keen on gardening, but he has always had a dream of having a greenhouse with exotic orchids. You can push him to do it and also figure out ways to help him with the same.

#8 Childhood

Discussing your partner’s childhood with him can be a great bonding experience. You will also have a more clear idea of who he is as a person. Additionally, you will learn about the experiences that shaped him into who he is today. Only the closest people to your heart get to know your childhood days, happy memories, and traumas alike. Be that person to him.

 #9 Favorites

 Among cute topics to talk about with your boyfriend, you can try discussing his favorites, favorite movies, series, characters, color, actors, food, and many more such fun things. 

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#10 Food 

Apart from learning about his favorite food, you can have a more detailed discussion about food.  

  • Food habits.
  • His eating schedule. 
  • What is the one food he can’t tolerate?
  • What food he can eat every day. 
  • One food that always reminds him of his childhood.
  • His favorite restaurant.
  • His favorite cuisine.

You can come up with many more such fun questions. You can discuss cooking and find out if he is open to sharing the kitchen chores with you once you start living together. If not, you better reconsider your relationship.

Once you have reached that phase of your relationship where you can talk about almost anything, you don’t have to stick to strictly fun topics. You can discuss the grave matters of life just as well. 

#11 Talk About Where You See Your Relationship in The Next Five Years

This will be interesting. For instance, both of your end goals may be the same, but still, you might not be following the same timeline. Let’s say that you both want to level up your relationship in a few years and get married to each other. But once you start discussing your five-year plans, you might as well find out that marriage is not among the list of things they want to do in the next five years. Similarly, there might be some things that are in their scheme of things but not yours. It’s always better to discuss it while there’s still time. 

#12 Ask Him If He Can Imagine Himself as A Dad in The Future

It is always a good choice to discuss each other’s preferences. For instance, you ask your boyfriend if he would want to have kids in the future, and if so, how many would he prefer? You might find out that you are actually not on the same page. Maybe he does not want kids, and you do, or vice versa. It is best to have this discussion before you get too attached and one of you has to settle for the other’s wishes.

#13 Things You Love About Each Other

Among the best topics to talk about with boyfriends, you can talk about the things that you love about him. It can be his smile, his beard, the way his voice sounds in the morning, or his sweet and caring personality. Ask him what he loves about you. There’s no harm in digging for a little compliment for yourself as well. This discussion will not only help you understand why he is in love with you but also push him to be a better person.

Final Thoughts

What really matters here is not the topic of discussion but rather how you feel when you have a lengthy conversation with your boyfriend. If talking to him makes you happy, then you two are on the right path. The goal is to enjoy each other’s company. Further, it is important that you understand that a healthy relationship can also handle short spans of silence and lull. 

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