Signs That He Is In Love With You

It can be tricky to gauge whether your date is beginning to develop feelings for you. Feelings grow slowly, and the changes are often slow and not noticeable. 

But if you have started falling for him, I can understand your urgency to find out if he feels the same way. There is no one particular way to uncover their true feelings for you. The best approach is to ask. But how often can we be so direct? There’s always the fear of having our hearts broken or embarrassing ourselves.

So we depend on signs. The body language, the efforts made, his eyes looking for you in the crowd, everything would indicate their feelings for you. You have to be able to really see the subtle indications.

Here are some signs to watch out for when you are wondering if your person loves you yet or not.

#1 Talks About The Future

He must have feelings for you if he is talking about the future with you, right? If he asks you about your plans, how many kids you want, where you see yourself in the next five years, what kind of house you want, and so on, he certainly is interested in you. But, get a hold of yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in love with you. The real deal is when he starts talking about his future, particularly scenarios with you in it. Then it’s on!

#2 Puts You First

You can tell a lot about a person’s feelings for you by how much priority he gives you. If he’s  putting you first, it could only mean he’s falling for you. When you go on a date, does he ask you to pick the spot? Or maybe even the movie for your movie nights? Does he even adjust to the popcorn flavor of your choice? Well, girl, you got yourself a man very much smitten with you. Such selfless gestures don’t come from a man who does not care for you deeply.

#3 Meaningful Gifts

Many will give you expensive gifts, but only a few give thoughtful ones. Gifts with meanings come from people who know you well enough to pick them. If your date is one among those people, he is a keeper. It is not only a sign that he loves you, but it also goes to show that he pays close attention to who you are and what you like. 

#4 Has He Been Saying ‘WE”?

Did you not know that people in love tend to merge with time? It can be irritating to others, but they are just jealous. The leap from me to we is him falling in love. From “I love this” to “we love it,” it’s a beautiful journey. It shows that you are part of all his decisions and stories. And likely to be a part of his future as well.

#5 Opens To You

A man in love starts letting his guards down. He won’t be afraid of being vulnerable in front of you. With love comes trust, and he trusts you with his intimate secrets. An aspiration that he has disclosed to no one, his deepest fear, or maybe his craziest wish; he will feel safe to share them all with you. Don’t let him down.

#6 Emotionally Invested

Have you noticed him wanting to spend more and more time with you lately? Or does he always want to know how your day was or maybe what is bothering you? These are signs of a man emotionally invested in the relationship and quite possibly in love with you. How invested a man is in his partner is equally proportional to how attached they are to you. If your man has been making more time for you lately, there’s something brewing and smells a lot like love.

#7 Introduces You To His Tribe

Unlike women, men can be very particular about whom to introduce to their friend’s group. More so with introducing a girl to their family. So if your guy is eagerly taking you to family gatherings, or a party at a friend’s house, you must mean a lot to him. 

A man in love also tends to bring up his date’s name in conversations with his friends and family. It almost seems like everything reminds him of his lady love.

#8 You Opinions Matter To Him

He leans on you for support because he trusts you. Love and faith go hand in hand. He regards your opinion highly. If you find your date coming to you for help with fragile situations in his life, he has feelings for you. He thinks highly of you and thinks your views are wise. You can rest assured you have his soul and his mind.

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A Word From QuackQuack

Falling in love is a beautiful experience but watching someone fall for you is even better. So keep an eye out for any of these signs. And if your date starts showing at least two to three of these, it might be safe to say sparks are flying.

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