Uber Cute Names For Boyfriend

Cute Names For Boyfriend

One of the milestones of any romantic relationship is when the couple starts calling each other cute nicknames. Are you falling in love with your man? It’s about time you find a name for your boyfriend that holds a special meaning, maybe an inside joke; calling him by his name sounds too impersonal now. We will help you find cute names for boyfriends.

It isn’t monumental when compared to other milestones you cover in the course of your romantic relationship, but it is one of the few that sticks till the very end. For instance, the first valentine’s day you spent together will pass, but once you decide to call him Dumpling because he loves, well, quite obviously, dumplings, that will remain forever. At least as long as you two are together. It somehow brings with it an air of closeness between the couple, almost like he is more yours than anyone else’s.

But aren’t you tired of people calling their boyfriends baby, babe, and other such regular nicknames? I suppose that’s why you are on the research spree. You want to stand out in the crowd of people posting pictures with their boyfriends and tagging them as BAE. We have got your back.

But let’s first learn a little more about pet names and why on earth they have such a bad rapport. Are they cheesy? Yes, but so are people in love. To a single girl, a woman madly in love with her boyfriend will obviously seem cheesy, solely because she craves the same in her life.

Girls coming up with new nicknames for boyfriends every other day are actually in a healthy relationship and share a solid bond with their partner.

Even studies from around the world show that couples who call each other by nicknames or pet names are more in sync and happier in their relationship. It’s not tacky; it is a sign of bliss.

Haven’t you ever ended a conflict by calling your partner with the silliest nickname and watching their anger melt? If not, you are missing out on the good stuff.

But no matter how pivotal a nickname is to your relationship’s health, you have to make sure that your partner actually enjoys it. Most likely, he will, but even so, something unique would double the assurance.

There are a myriad of options, but it should hint at something specific to your relationship. The best ones come out of some memorable moment and are often unplanned. That is the beauty of a nickname; therein lies its worth. Without further ado, let’s jump into figuring out some cute nicknames for boyfriends; yours, not mine. Here’s a list:

No. 1: Movie-Related Cute Names For Boyfriends

Are you and your boyfriend both movie buffs? Most people are. I suppose you frequent the theater quite often. Was there ever a funny or memorable moment you two shared? If yes, then you can come up with unique nicknames for your sweetheart within seconds. For instance, was there a fuzzy and warm character in it? You can call him by that character’s name. Or maybe a villain that had the same haircut as your boyfriend? It would be terribly funny to call him by the antagonist’s name as opposed to the protagonist’s; everyone does that.

Here are some options: cute names for boyfriends

  • Call your boyfriend by his favorite actor’s name. Maybe shorten it a bit.
  • You can address him by his favorite character’s name. Imagine how cute it’d be if his favorite character is Nemo or Simba.
  • Call him by the female protagonist’s name. The cherry on top is if he reacts poorly, you will know he is not the one for you.
  • Love horror? You know where this is going. Call him Anabelle when he gets angry. That is sure to make him burst into laughter.
  • Crazy about the fantasy genre? Just don’t call him Thanos. Groot will make such a cute nickname, especially if he’s tall.

 No. 2: Food-Related Nicknames For Boyfriends

You have fallen in love with the cutest guy, and he looks like an absolute snack. Don’t look anywhere else; the cue here is food. It’s very suggestive.

  • Call him by his favorite dessert. For instance, Muffin; might want to add a stud to it. Stud Muffin!
  • The first food you shared. How about Cheesecake? No one eats it alone when they are on a date.
  • Candies? He is one damn eye candy; it will suit him perfectly. Snickers
  • Pie; Sweetie Pie. I am sure he is one. Isn’t that why you are trying so hard?
  • We have already mentioned Dumpling, but here you go again. Who wouldn’t love this name? 
  • Sugar! Because he is just that sweet.

 No. 3: Here Are Some Cheesy but Goody

The most popular, but also popularly tagged as cheesy but cute names for boyfriends are:

  • Baby or babe! Let people call you cringe, but it is an expression of love.
  • When your boyfriend is also your best friend, Buddy seems to be the right fit.
  • Pooh Bear, or Pookie Bear. Let’s admit it is cheesy, and your friends might gag. But it’s so cute. So maybe use this one more privately?
  • Boo! It is adorbs. A cuter take on the heavily-used BAE.

No. 4: How about something a mix of formal and silly?

Come on, get your creative juices flowing. Just as men want to feel safe and vulnerable around you, they also want to be assured, from time to time, that they are on top. They really aren’t, but white lies make them happy. 

  • Does he make the calls on certain occasions? Or, you know, thinks he does? Prince! That’s the perfect one for him. 
  • Call him Captain. He will feel happy. All men do for whatever reasons. 
  • For the times when he sounds frustrated and wants you to do something right away, Boss is the perfect name. 
  • My Hero. Because why not? He is the hero of your love story, isn’t he?

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No. 5: We Are Talking Pet Names; Actual Pet Names

It is not offensive. You love your pet with all your heart and a little more. Also, we are not suggesting you call your lover Tommy, not if that’s not his name. If he was an animal, what would he be? For instance, a clever boyfriend who knows how to handle your anger, I’ll call him Fox, or Foxy.

  • Is your boyfriend one of those hugely built brutes who are hard on the outside but soft inside? Bear! He is one.  
  • You can call him Honey Bunny for any reason; actually, you don’t need one. It is adorable.
  • If he’s following around everywhere, you know who he is; puppy.
  • He got you the love fever; he is your Love Bug.
  • Tiger, Lion, Liger, call him whatever you want; he will be pleased simply because of the animals he’s being associated with; men.

A Note From QuackQuack

The idea behind a nickname is to express love without having to say I Love You every single waking moment of your lives together. It is a gentle reminder that you love your boyfriend enough to be silly around him, and he loves you enough to accept all of it with utmost pleasure.

Make sure you are not embarrassing him in the name of love. Not everyone has equal preferences. For instance, if he did not react positively the first time you called him Honey Bee, don’t push it. It might not be his thing. Some people love being addressed by their names. Also, he might be happy with it when it’s just the two of you, but that does not guarantee him being comfortable with you calling him Boo Bear in front of his friends, family, or, worse, colleagues. Gauge his reaction, and if you get the green light, go crazy.

Don’t worry if he doesn’t call you by a cute pet name; you are our BAE.

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