Flirting In Your Forties

Flirting In Your Forties

So you are in your forties. You are braver, wiser, more mature, and make much better choices than when you were younger. Being older than the others in the game doesn’t necessarily mean you are at the losing end. It can very well be an advantage. You know more than others, have seen more things, and have much richer experiences.

Like there are ups, there are undeniably some downs to flirting and dating in your forties. You don’t have the patience to have flings. In your 20s, it was more of an experimental phase. You could afford to make mistakes and had the time to atone for them. But in your 40s, you want a mature relationship, you want quality conversations, and you know looks are not all that is attractive. You also have experiences, which means more baggage. And it is also the case with the people in your dating pool. You have established your career, but that also comes with more responsibilities. 

But fret not. We know how to turn these cons into pros. We’ll help you conquer any hesitations you have about flirting and dating. It is never too late. 

#1 Wait A Minute, What If I Am Flirting With The Wrong Person?

I won’t deny that there’s always a chance of this happening. But the good news is that this is not an age-specific problem. It can happen to anyone. 

Your age might actually be the saving element in this case. You have more experience than the younger daters. By now, you know what you want and, importantly, what you don’t need in your life. So, when you start flirting with this new person, it should not take you long to judge and decide whether or not they are the right one for you.  

#2 Wait a Minute, I Don’t Know How To Approach.

Well, does any of us do? Not really. But some of us are confident, and that is the key, truth be spoken. When you see someone you like and want to start a conversation with, the simplest thing to do is make eye contact and smile. A brief few seconds of that might feel to you like an eternity but trust me, this works. Eventually, either you will gather the courage to say hi, or they will approach you. 

When that happens, don’t fear away from safe physical touch, stressing the word safe. A light touch on the shoulder while laughing or touching the hand while making a flirty comment exudes confidence and shows your interest.

#3 Wait A Minute, What Should I Say?

What is important here is what you should not say while flirting. Do not, I repeat, do not compare them with your ex. “Oh, you are so understanding, nothing like my ex.” No matter what your intentions are, it is not a compliment. Stop mentioning your hatred or love towards your ex. You know what? No ex talks when you are flirting. 

You can talk about an array of things, depending on how intriguing your life has been. But the common topics to explore can be the food you love, music, and traveling. The goal is to find out similarities and compatibility.

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#4 Wait A Minute, I Am Too Independent.

You are in your forties, and you are used to doing things your way. You love driving yourself shopping, you take yourself to your favorite restaurant, and you love the quiet evenings watching your favorite movie and sipping your favorite drink. We understand. But flirting with someone or dating them will not take these away from you. You can have your time and equally enjoy your time with them. It’s about the right balance.

Your independence will remain intact. 

#5 Wait, What If They Reject Me?

So what? Who says everyone has to appreciate your flirtatious advances or have to fall head over heels for you? There will be instances when they will reject you rather brutally. And you move on. 

It is not a reflection on how good you are or how they made a mistake rejecting you. When you go shopping, you find a cute dress, but it doesn’t fit you. It is the same as that. You two were not a perfect fit. And no one has to settle for a size that isn’t comfortable.

Acknowledge the rejection, and understand that everyone will not be compatible. And the one you like might not like you back. And that is okay.

Wait, Here’s The Bottomline

We all are subconsciously flirting to date and dating to get married. Yes, the 40s sound scary. Too little scope to make mistakes and undo them. But chuck the fears out. But love knows no age, and neither does flirting.

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