Decoding The Art Of Flirting – 5 Tips To Master It

Decoding The Art Of Flirting

Flirting does not come naturally to everyone. You see an uber-confident guy or an extroverted girl and think to yourself, “they must have such an amazing flirting game.” But that might be far from the truth.

How often have you stuttered when we see your crush approaching? All the incredible speech you framed in your head goes out the window. And all that comes out of your mouth is a weak “Hey.” It has happened to the best of us. Don’t worry about it; we have got you covered. We have come up with five foolproof tips to master the art of flirting and end your struggle once and for all:

#1 Effort Is Attractive

When you put in the effort to woo someone and do so evidently, you automatically become more attractive and appealing to the other person. Several pieces of research show that when you approach someone and put in the work to flirt with them, it signals availability and confidence. People care less about your looks and more about how special you make them feel.

#2 Smiling Goes A Long Way!

It is a universal flirting technique, and it works. Smiling while talking to someone makes you seem more welcoming than keeping a straight face. People crave warmth and sincerity, and a simple smile can showcase that side of you.

Seeing your crush walking toward you can be one of the most nerve-wracking feelings. By reflex, you might want to look away, or worse, run away. But trust me when I ask you to ignore your instincts and smile at them. Say a quick hi, if you are feeling brave. It is one of the best ways to get your crush’s attention.

#3 Art Of Touch

Art Of Touch

Human beings understand touch. Whether it is an angry touch, a touch of affection, or the worst kind, a creepy touch, human beings can decode it. A flirty touch now and then can help you woo your sweetheart. Of course, stop if asked or if you feel them getting uncomfortable. 

A quick touch can show that you are interested in them romantically. Stay above the belt at all times. Let it come in a flow, like a light touch while making a joke, or maybe remove a piece of hair from their face. 

#4 Be Relatable

We are more attracted to people who are similar to us. Being relatable is one of the most stellar ways of up-ing your flirting game. Share your daily struggles, and be more transparent about your life. Let your crush know that you are just like them, with the same everyday struggles. Real connections are formed when you let yourself be vulnerable and show your true self.

It is nothing out of the ordinary if someone tells you they tried to alter their lifestyle to match their crush’s. Evidently, this person was trying to mirror their sweetheart’s life to be more relatable and hence likable.

#5 Play Hard To Get, But Not Too Much

It does not sound right, does it? But this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Imagine meeting your crush and their friends at a cafe. You strike up a conversation with their friends but don’t pay much attention to your one and only. Not only will they crave your attention, but they will also realize in the process that they, too, have feelings for you. So next time you see your crush, ignore them for a beat and leave them wanting you. 

There’s a but! If you are flirting with someone online, try avoiding the hard-to-get act. This tactic might not pan out the way you imagined in the online dating universe. 

A Word From QuackQuack

So next time your heart races when you see your crush and you are at a loss of words, remember these tips. It is okay to get flushed and have a blush on your cheek. Pretty sure your boo would find it cute.

Tarab Rizvi

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