7 Tips To Amp Up Your Dating Game

7 Tips To Amp Up Your Dating Game

The first phase of the relationship- the wooing, the going on the first date, the confessing of your feeling- these are supposedly the best parts of it. During the first month of every year, the activities in dating apps multiply. Dating apps see an increase in traffic as singles try out their luck in finding the one. 

As you are gearing up to find the love of your life, here are some tips to amp up your dating game

#1 The Display Picture

What is the first thing you notice when you come across someone’s profile? You check out their display picture. More often than not, that is what attracts you to the other person, and you make a decision based on the display image whether or not to connect with them. 

Hence putting up a killer profile picture is the first thing you should be focusing on. Choose a photo where you are smiling, making your profile look warm and welcoming for your potential matches. Make sure the image has optimum clarity and is a recent one. You can also put up a photo of yourself engaged in your favorite activity, showing off how fun you can be.

#2 Write a Killer Bio

Next, in the scheme of things comes the bio. While visiting dating profiles, at times, you will come across a blank “about me” or bio section. Most daters don’t want to connect with someone who has not given any information about themselves. And why would anyone want to match with such a person? As such, everyone’s a stranger in the online dating world. You try to understand a potential match from what information they have provided. And if that is missing, you are taking a shot in the dark. 

So, put in the effort while writing your bio. Make it short and to the point. Use your humor. Nothing beats making your potential match smile. Let your bio showcase who you are as a person. A perfect bio resonates with the right people; not every tom dick and harries that visits your profile.

#3 Choose Your Matches Carefully

7 Tips To Amp Up Your Dating Game

More matches are not equivalent to finding your soulmate faster. You can end up going on several unsuccessful dates. And while you waste your time and theirs, someone else might sweep your potential soulmate off their feet. 

Most of these people won’t meet your standards, and you won’t meet theirs. So my advice would be to comb through their bios and cherry-pick the ones who seem to be a good match.

#4 Up Your Messaging Game

Playing hard to get does not pan out well in the online dating world. There are too many people trying to woo your match at the same time as you. You wait long enough to contact, and it might be too late. 

Message right after you connect with someone. Just a hi is too simple. To make yourself stand out, you have to put in the work. Channel your creative side and write the most stellar first message that no one can ignore. One tip that will come in handy is to mention something specific that you read in your match’s bio. That way, you can establish that it’s not a generic message you send everyone. This message was curated just for them. It shows the effort!

#5 Some Questions Are Off-limit

People can tend to get lost in the flow of conversation while talking to someone for the first time. While it is a good thing most of the time, it can also lead to silly questions and uncomfortable topics. 

Try to avoid asking questions like how your match is still single. In your head, it sounds like a compliment, but to them, it is an insult. And it is worse if you ask the same to a woman. She might feel judged or think you are questioning her capabilities. 

Avoid showering your match with too many compliments. Not only will they be creeped out, but you will also come off ‘too eager to please‘. 

#6 Honesty Is The Best Policy

How to find the one who’s perfectly aligned with who you are as a person? The best way is to be completely honest about yourself. 

Let people see the real you! Real bonds are built when you showcase your true self. Try to be more transparent about your life without laying every card on the table. In no time, you will start having more meaningful conversations than ever.

#7 Learn To Take A Break

The world of online dating can be exhausting at times. No different than traditional dating. From hurling insults to facing rejections, like every good thing, the dating world also comes with vices. There are many instances where daters have been ghosted. All of these take a toll on your mind. Try to take breaks. 

If you have a streak of bad dates, it’s easy to start getting negative feelings. Try to take some time off dating and focus on yourself. Get back in the game once you feel energized. Your matches can wait!

Final Words

While dating is considered the most exciting phase of a relationship, it can also be a tough nut to crack. Take your time. There is no need to rush while seeking your soulmate. The stakes are too high to mess up in a hurry.

Leena Sinha

Hello, I am a content writer specializing in dating and relationships. I focus on helping people see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Currently, I create content for QuackQuack, India's most downloaded dating app. I have made it my goal to provide my client with unparalleled content. Every company has a story to tell and I work to ensure that it gets heard!