10 Date Night Ideas – Try Them With BAE!

Date Night Ideas

Nothing does more wonders in a relationship than planning a date night and spending some quality time with BAE; if things have been looking a little drab lately, enjoy a special night together and watch the sparks fly. Whether you just started dating or you have been together for a long time, things start turning mundane in a relationship before you know it. It is important to keep putting in the effort and keep it feeling as fresh as the first day. 

Did you know planning a date does not have to burn a hole in your wallet? A more expensive date is not equal to a better one. Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts. In fact, cozy dates at home have a more romantic feeling to them. From watching movies together to having a picnic in your backyard or on the rooftop under the stars, there is an array of cozy date night ideas that you can try out with your partner. 

#1 Scary Movie Marathon

Having a movie night to enjoy a romantic night together is common, but have you ever had a horror movie marathon with your partner? Take the movie experience to a different level. Get spicy food to go with the scary movies, set the ambiance with light and shadow, get in your comfy PJs, and don’t forget blankets. Nothing is more comfortable than snuggling together in one blanket. 

Here are the best ways to pick a horror movie-

Do research and find movies that have a rating above 7-8 stars. It is a difficult genre, and a rating of 7 could mean it is pretty scary and well-directed. 

You and your partner can suggest each other’s favorite horror movie as a child. It might not be as scary as you thought, but you will have a good time revisiting it after years, laughing about finding the funny and poorly-acted scenes scary when you were kids.

Choose a horror film that has at least three parts. 

#2 Breakfast For Dinner

We have all wanted to do it, but somehow, having breakfast items for dinner almost feels illegal. But on your special date night, treat yourself and your sweetheart to some amazing breakfast menus from around the world. You can always make pancakes with loads of fresh fruits, Nutella, or syrup. Pancakes taste good any time of the day; it’s dessert and the main course wrapped in one. You can make waffles, either sweet or savory, or both, because why not. Ask your BAE about their regional breakfast if you belong to different cities and learn how to make theirs and surprise them with it. 

#3 Board Games

Another way to have a budget-friendly date- try good old-fashioned board games; chess, scrabbles, or even Jenga will do. It stimulates the brain, keeps couples entertained for hours, it’s fun, and most importantly, it offers you enough time to bond with your partner. You can play as a team against another set of players at a local cafe, or you can play against each other at home and have a healthy competition. To make it even more interesting, the loser buys dinner.

#4 Stargazing

If it’s a clear night and you are planning a last-minute date night, try stargazing with your partner. There’s nothing more romantic than spending the night looking at twinkling stars with your sweetheart. And don’t forget to get some wine and set the ambiance with soft music. You can download apps on your phone to guide you in spotting the constellations. 

#5 Home Spa Night

You both have been wound up at work, not being able to spend enough time with each other or even yourself- try a couple spa night at home to reconnect with your partner and rejuvenate your spirit. Get fancy candles for aromatherapy, give each other massages- it will be equally relaxing and romantic, put on some face masks, and be ready to take on the world with brighter skin and a happier relationship. 

#6 Go To The Beach

If you happen to live near beaches, try having a date night on the beach. The water looks even prettier at night, and it will be far less crowded. Get some blankets to sit on, grab a big pizza and some refreshing drinks, and have a romantic night by the sea, listening to the waves. 

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#7 Live Music Show

If you are in the mood you go out for your date, try a live music show with BAE. Keep track of the upcoming concerts near you and grab tickets for two. If there are no concerts, you can always go to pubs with live music sessions. Nothing sets the mood better than some unplugged music and good food. 

#8 Recreate Your First Date

Now how do you do that at home? You must have been to a cafe or restaurant on your first date. It’s not as hard as you think. Just order the same food from the same place you went to; if you remember what music was playing, play the same and finally, dress the same way you did that day. And, voila. Enjoy your first date. 

#9 Indoor Camping

A perfect date night idea is one that includes a lot of cuddling, snuggling, good food, a good mood, and something so special about the night that you will remember it for days to come. Indoor camping has all the elements. You set up a tent inside your living room, decorate the inside with fairy lights, put on some romantic music, lay some blankets to give it a more cozy feel, and finally, have your dinner inside the tent, preferably some takeout from your favorite fast food joint. 

#10 Night Cycling

If you are the sporty type, try cycling around your city at night with BAE. Less traffic and the city light hit differently at night. Go to the prime tourist spots in your city and see how different they look at night. 

Final Words

Being in love is easy, but being in a relationship- that’s another thing. Spice up your connection with BAE with weekly dates. We hope these romantic date night ideas at home and also some outdoors help you get the spark back in your relationship.

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