6 Tips On How To Understand Women

how to understand women

What do women want? Isn’t that the burning question of the century? But is it that difficult to understand women, or have you not been paying attention? Guys, how to understand women should be your top priority if you want a shot at finding love or if you want to keep your partner happy. You’ll hear many men say it’s next to impossible, but they probably never tried. So, please throw this assumption out of the window before you embark on the journey of understanding the female mind and what they generally want.  

Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you that it takes very little to please a woman. All you have to do is figure out what that little is. We can tell you one thing; it’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all approach. Think about it, what makes you happy will not necessarily, make other fellow men happy too. The same goes for women. It really isn’t a mystery; the trick is to listen carefully. Women tend to express themselves way more than men; it should be theoretically easier to understand women than to understand men. There is another pro tip for you; while trying to figure out a woman, think of her as any other individual instead of focusing on gender. It’ll help you empathize with her and forget all the gibberish you have heard about women and how tricky it is to understand what they want.

Here are some key tips on understanding women:

#1 Men and Women Think Differently

Remember this; men and women might not be all that different, but they do think differently. It is what it is. If that makes you decide that understanding women must be impossible, so will understanding men based on who’s speaking. What if your girlfriend or female friends start saying the same thing every time they have a minor inconvenience figuring out what you want? That would not be a pleasant experience, we assure you. Anyways, let’s round back to men and women thinking differently; the two sexes process things differently. That is all; women are not crazy, and men are not heartless. The opposite genders perceive some aspects of the world in separate ways. If you want to understand women, that’s the first thing you have to accept.

#2 No One Size Fits All Approach

No two women are the same, just like no two men are the same. Women are humans; let that sink in. One woman might very well think and react quite differently from another, even in a similar situation. For instance, your ex might have been fond of late-night chats, but presently the girl you are trying to woo prefers a good night’s sleep over anything else. Does that make you immediately write the entire women’s gender off as crazy and indecisive? If so, how is it fair? You and your guy best friend are not exactly alike in thinking, are you? Does that mean men are crazy and impossibly indecisive too?

The one-size-fits-all approach does not work with human emotions, period. Some women might talk about their problems and ask for your help, some might do the same, and yet when you try helping them, they won’t let you, and some others might not say anything at all. It honestly depends on the person, not the gender.

#3 Communicate

Men claim it is impossible to understand women, and women counter-argue that men don’t pay attention and hence the difficulty. What’s the easiest solution? Communication! It is the key to every healthy relationship. While understanding women’s emotions, thorough communication is your best friend. Put forward any questions or doubts you have in your mind, pay attention to their body language during any given discussion, and listen to trivial chit-chats; women tend to pour their hearts out casually while chopping onions or scrolling through memes. Please pay attention, or you will miss out on important information about her life.

#4 Her Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words

Yes, women are known to be vocal beings, but what’s little known to men is that women’s actions speak even louder than their words. Your BAE might be a chatterbox on any typical day, but on the days when she is feeling low, you might find her to be remaining quieter than usual. There’s your cue that she isn’t happy about something. If you watch closely, your lady love has several tell-tale signs like these; for instance, she might pace around when nervous or laugh a little too much in uncomfortable situations. If you know her well enough and know her actions by heart, it will be much easier to help her even when she isn’t saying or can’t say it out loud. 

Women are a tad bit complicated when pissed off; a chunk of women don’t tell their partner what’s bothering them, instead, expect BAE to figure it out on his own. Paying close attention to actions and having a good idea of what her actions mean can help you figure out the situation before it blows up.

#5 Just Ask

The easiest way to understand a woman’s mind is to ask what’s going on in there. If you notice your sweetheart is being aloof and looks suspiciously angry at you, go ahead and ask what is the matter. Most men don’t ask fearing their girlfriend or wife, or as a matter of fact, any female will stomp off angrily, but try this time. What if she tells you? Can you imagine how quickly the issue will get resolved? 

Studies show that around 47% of female daters between 25 and 35 years of age complain that their partners never ask if anything is wrong, even when they give away clear signals that something is most definitely not right. Women want to be heard; what’s stopping you from asking what she has to say? When in doubt, ask.

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#6 Don’t Problem-Solve

Men tend to think that whenever a woman is telling them about a difficult situation in her life, she must need help. At least, that’s what 39% of women from around the world complained about; not that these women hate you trying to help them, but sometimes all they need is to be heard. 

Final Words

You pay attention, you hear her out, you let her speak her mind before giving advice, and most importantly, before you judge; that’s how you read a woman’s mind or try to. It isn’t really possible to understand anyone wholly, but even understanding part of the person should help avoid unnecessary heartbreaks and conflicts. It is no rocket science; these tips on how to understand a woman’s mind should help you.

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