6 Tips To Maintain The Bliss In A New Relationship

6 Tips To Maintain The Bliss In A New Relationship

Those new relationship butterflies are to die for; nothing can beat that feeling. It is the best! And you know what’s the worst? The nagging feeling that something will happen and ruin your blissful life.

A new relationship is full of new possibilities; it’s the time to make new discoveries about each other. It’s not only about your partner, but you will learn a lot about yourself too. The honeymoon phase is one of the best times in your relationship. You make the happiest memories of your life during this time of your relationship. So, let’s not allow trivial fights and misunderstandings to destroy the most joyful time of your life. Here are the best tips for new couples to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

1 Action Speak Louder Than Words

Your partner loves you and takes care of all your needs; they are literally everything you hoped for and dreamed of. But there will be times when you expect your new BAE to respond and react a certain way, but they won’t. It can easily lead to dissatisfaction and conflict in a new relationship. Those are the moments you have to understand that their action speaks louder than words. The fact that they do everything in their power to keep you happy says more about their love for you than any romantic words can; not everyone has the gift of gab. Some of us are quieter than others. Do not judge them for the lack of “you mean the world to me” or “I love you to the moon and back.”

If you want to maintain a happy relationship, listen to their actions, not words. Words that are not backed by actions are as pointless as using a white crayon on a white sheet.

2 Focus on The Present

It is natural to carry your past baggage and trauma to your new relationship. It isn’t just experiences you had over time; it’s the survival mechanism that helps you cope with heartbreak. But as much as this unfortunate knowledge that you carry might help you save your heart, it might also prevent you from opening it to your new partner and not letting it feel all the love they have to give you and be genuinely happy in your relationship.

Your ex might have been unfaithful to you, or your previous relationship might have suffered a fate not suited for the faint-hearted, but it’s all in the past. The present is all that matters; leave the past where it belongs.

The key to a healthy relationship is focusing on all the good qualities of your new BAE and understanding their flaws without resorting to comparison with the ex. There’s no telling what went wrong with your previous relationship and whether history will be repeated; if you let that uncertainty hold you back from opening your heart, your new relationship will be doomed even before it begins.

3 Tell Your Truth As It Is

If you are embellishing your truth to impress your new partner, you are digging a grave for your relationship. Who you are is who your partner should know and come to love and accept. Pretending to be someone else and faking enthusiasm about things that don’t genuinely excite you will only lead to expectations that the real you will not be able to satiate for too long.

To maintain bliss beyond the honeymoon period, speak your truth as it is. If you do not enjoy reading, don’t pretend that you do. If rock music isn’t your cup of tea, who says you have to keep headbanging to it to impress your partner? Be proud of who you are.

4 Important Conversations Are Best Done In-Person

Yes, you both are busy, and texting comes as a blessing. When it comes to casual talks, check-ins, and sharing memes, texting is precisely that; a blessing. But important conversations are always best done in person, especially if you want to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Discussing serious topics and admitting profound emotions should be done face to face. A lot can be lost in translation. Arguments should be strictly avoided over text if you want to keep your peace in a relationship.

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5 Don’t Be Needy

Little possessiveness and jealousy are considered cute, but too much of it is not only a sign of a toxic relationship but also shows you off as a needy person requiring constant attention. Neediness is never a good look on anyone, let alone in a new relationship. Moreover, making too many demands and being too restrictive of your partner is a red flag, and you don’t want to be the bearer of that, same as you would not prefer to date someone who does.

It is normal for new couples to spend most of their free time with each other, but constantly texting and calling, asking them to leave everything and be present with you, or demanding their attention at all times might turn into a headache for your partner and backfire on you. Keep the spark alive in your relationship by putting some space between you and your partner and leaving your individuality intact.

6 Labels Don’t Matter

Are you in a new relationship but still don’t know whether to call your partner your partner? Let me tell you a secret; not labeling your relationship will make no difference in the feelings you share for each other. With the constantly changing dating scenario, it has become extremely difficult to tell when you are dating, talking, hooking up, or stuck in a situationship. The best course of action here is to not be bothered by the tag and enjoy every moment of the love you have for one another. Uncertainty does not always have to be the reason for instant panic; some people take more time to define their relationship than others. You and your partner might be on the same page about taking it to the next step, or you might not; as long as they intend on moving forward with you, being on different timelines does not necessarily mean you are incompatible.

Final Words

A new relationship brings a new rush of happiness, and if we could bottle the feeling, we would. But all that can be done is take active measures to let the bliss stay just a little longer, and here, in this article, we listed the tips that might just do the trick.

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