6 Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

6 Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

Shy, anxious, and single? Wow, it’s triple trouble. If such is your case, then we understand how difficult it must be to talk to a guy, let alone ask him out on a date or confess your feelings for him. If you have been wondering how to start a conversation with a guy, you are in luck. We will discuss exactly that, but first, let’s talk about you.

Why are you feeling so anxious about talking to a guy?

First of all, it is absolutely normal to feel this way. But is it necessary? No! He is just another human being with the same flaws as you. He might be your crush, but he is far from perfect; most likely, he is equally nervous around women. Your anxiety around him is because you find him attractive and want every interaction to go as smoothly and perfectly as possible, making it even more difficult. Your efforts to not make a wrong impression around him might be the very reason why you fumble for the right words every time you speak to him. So, relax.

Let’s help you start a conversation with a guy today. Here are some fun and potent ideas on how to talk to a guy.

1 Common Interest

The easiest way to interact with the man you fancy is to bring up shared interests. Does he love reading and luckily, so do you? Mention the new book that you are devouring every day you go back home from work and ask him if he has heard of it. If yes, voila! You can spend hours dissecting it, the writing style, the plot holes, how the writer is better than most of their contemporaries, and whatnot. If he has not read it or even heard of it, you can recommend the same to him. And ask him about his latest read and share notes. Do you see how simple it is to have a conversation when you focus on common interests? It helps you with talking points and lets you show off your knowledge on the subject and impress him.

Things that you can talk about and how?

Movies! Everyone loves movies. You can start by asking them what’s the last movie they watched in a theater. They might not have watched anything lately, but trust me, it will get the conversation started smoothly and keep it flowing because, again, everyone loves movies.

Series. There’s a craze for binging the latest series on an OTT platform during the weekends. It almost seems like we do not have a well-functioning social life. Just ask if they have watched the newest season of Stranger Things. The wonders it can do is unimaginable. If he hasn’t heard of your favorite series or is totally uninterested in it, should you even be crushing on this man?

Songs. What genre he likes, his favorite musician, his favorite band, and more. The sky’s the limit when two people share the same love for music.

Sports. Guys are awestruck when a girl shows interest in sports. Baffle him.

2 Compliment him!

Who doesn’t like being complimented? You bump into your crush early morning; what do you discuss? You can’t really start the day by asking about a movie or book. It has to be something simple, something more subtle. A compliment fits the description. It will make their day and, in turn, make yours. For instance, maybe he is wearing a plain white tee with blue jeans; you can compliment his outfit for the day. Or did you hear about one of his recent achievements? Bring it up and congratulate him. Did he recently start growing a beard? Tell him it looks flattering, and don’t forget to mention how much you like this new look and think it is quite the right choice on his part.

Praising people can do wonders but don’t go overboard. Don’t blatantly start telling him how handsome his face is or how every time he is around, you can hear violins playing in the background. Be subtle in your approach.

3 Ask For a Favor

There is nothing men like more than thinking they are your savior. It sounds sexist, but it is true for at least half the male population of the world. So, if that’s what they want, why not harness that power to start a conversation with the man you like?

How to pull it off without coming off as a damsel in distress?

The safest bet is to ask for directions. Tell him you want to go somewhere but can’t find your way. Google Maps can help you but asking someone who has traveled that way might be faster and more efficient. Do you see what we did? You managed to subtly compliment him in your attempt to strike up a conversation with the guy. Girl, you just made him feel important; give it a beat, and soon you will be his crush.

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4 Coffee?

If you want to start a conversation with a guy, one of the most appropriate yet flirty approaches is to offer him coffee or ask him out for a cup of coffee. If he is someone from work, and you know you will see him first thing in the morning, why not pick up a cup of his favorite morning drink? If he accepts and seems happy about it, you have every reason to expect him to reciprocate. And it might become your thing; you two pick up each other’s morning drink! How cute. After a few weeks, you can even ask him out on a date.

But remember, if he seems uncomfortable with you bringing him coffee, don’t force it on him. Men have as much right to say no as women do. Respect that.

5 Memes!

If you want to start a conversation with a guy over text, might I suggest forwarding some funny memes? Nothing connects two people better than laughter and a similar sense of humor. Did you know men love a woman who can make them laugh as much as women love funny men? Everyone loves the person whose comment lights up the room. And you delivering him his daily dose of laughter can help you reside rent-free in his heart.

If your crush does not seem to enjoy memes, you might want to reconsider putting all this effort into him.

6 Introduce Yourself

Do you know what is, by far, the best approach to start a conversation with a guy? Walk up to him and introduce yourself. What’s the worst that could happen? He will talk to you but does not seem interested. At least you will no longer waste your time barking up the wrong tree. But do you know what’s the best that could happen? He might be equally interested in you and might even confess how he has been wanting to talk to YOU but couldn’t because HE was too shy.

Do you see how a small step on your part can make such a drastic difference?

Here are some methods to reduce anxiety and nervousness before you talk to him:

Deep breaths: It’s a relaxation technique used by many who suffer from any form of anxiety. Inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and exhale for four seconds. Repeat until you feel your fear melt.
Drink up: Wait, no. I don’t mean alcohol. Water, drink water. Hydrating can help in reducing your heart rate and, in turn, reduce stress.
Affirmations: Every time you feel stressed out before talking to your crush, repeat to yourself- “I am confident,” “I am beautiful,” “I don’t fear the outcome,” “Today is my day.” You can add any other affirmations that you desire.

A Quick Word

Starting a conversation is daunting, and not everyone is an extrovert blessed with the gift of the gab. We understand that and acknowledge your dilemma. But that should not keep you from finding love or having a conversation with the guy you fancy. Just follow these few tips and go for it. The worst that can happen is nothing compared to the regret you will have if you don’t try, at the very least.

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