What Do Men Want? 7 Things That Men Want Women To Do While Flirting.

What Do Men Want

Do you have a crush on the boy next door or maybe the new guy in class? The initial phase of trying to woo the apple of your eye is as thrilling as it gets. The flirting, the dropping hints, the stolen glances, and the hidden smiles; it is the most romantic phase of a relationship; not even the honeymoon phase can beat it. But, regardless of what rom-coms will have you believe, flirting isn’t a cakewalk for most of us. Yes, granted, we all have that one friend who seems to be a pro, but not all of us are blessed with the skills from birth. Does that mean we can’t experience this butterfly in the tummy-inducing phase? No, you don’t have to miss out on anything. We are here to help you out. We have gathered as much information as possible and created a list of proven flirting tips.

We asked around and found some things that men very much appreciate in women while flirting. 

#1 Confidence

Despite what sappy rom-coms and reality shows portray, flirting isn’t all about batting your eyes and acting coy and almost dumb in front of men; tickling a man’s ego should never involve a woman pretending like she doesn’t know her head to her toe. Our inquiry shows that women who are confident and come off as brainy are more well-liked than women who aren’t.

Putting yourself out there and flirting itself is a sign of confidence; it can’t be easy conveying your feelings to your crush. Here are some tips to feel confident while flirting:

  • Do not overthink.
  • Don’t question your responses; it makes you seem unsure of yourself.
  • If you have any questions in mind, ask them. Don’t beat around the bush about it.

After all, flirting is about having a good time and evaluating how good a fit you two are; keep that in mind, and most of your worries will melt. 

#2 Be Yourself!

Studies show that 57% of men around the world prefer a woman who is not afraid to show her genuine self on the first date or during the initial days of conversation. Here’s our tip, be yourself while flirting with the man you fancy, and if he can’t handle who you are as a person, know that you have dodged an inevitable disaster that would have been your relationship.

The upside of being yourself while flirting is that you understand the real compatibility between you and BAE instead of the compatibility between you you are pretending to be and BAE. And if the man of your desire happens to develop feelings for you, it will be for this real you and not the other one.

#3 Share But Not Too Much

Men are apparently not interested in knowing how your day went; can you imagine that? From what we heard, men very much appreciate when women share details about their day-to-day life as much as possible. Instead, they are interested in more profound knowledge, like learning about love language and other facts related to how you like your romance served. But that does not mean that the man you fancy does not want to know anything about your day, or if he behaves indifferent toward it, you should excuse such behavior. Our tip is that while flirting, share some details about your life, like what time you went to bed or how bad the traffic was, enough for the other person to have a rough idea about your habits and whereabouts, but not so much that they start dozing off or lose interest. Flirting is a balancing act; done right, you can have any man fall head over heels for you.

#4 Subtle Touch

Men tend to like it when a woman uses the art of light physical touch to convey her interest while flirting. Now, you don’t mandatorily have to touch your crush the next time you try flirting, not if you feel uncomfortable about it. If it’s okay with you, you can incorporate a little bit of light touch on the arm while laughing at his joke or subtly touch his hand while conveying some romantic feelings. This touch that we keep mentioning can ignite a spark that words might not be able to as effectively. But then again, it all depends on how comfortable you are with it; any discomfort about the same will show on your face and do more harm than good. So, you do you, boo.

#5 Funny Women Are Witty Women

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Same as women, men prefer women who showcase their wit through humor or humorous remarks during the flirting phase. If you are flirting through text, sending funny memes that are somewhat of a brain teaser will show off your wit. During a face-to-face conversation, making humorous remarks can ease the initial tension. But make sure you don’t overdo it, or it might be mistaken for nervousness.

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#6 Eye Contact Is Sexy

Maintaining eye contact while speaking to someone exudes confidence and hence, makes you look sexier than you already are; at least 47% of men think so, according to some studies. When you look someone in the eye while telling them all about your feelings, everything that falls out of your mouth gets coated with an additional layer of genuinity. It also says, “I am very interested in everything you have to say.” Maintaining eye contact while flirting creates a sincere bond with the other person, and here’s one more upside, studies show that if you look someone in the eye, they tend to spit out the truth instead of making up lies. So, next time you flirt, let your eyes be your lie-protector and also the very thing that finally makes your boo start falling for you.

#7 Smile More.

Men say they love a woman with a dazzling smile; while all of us are not lucky enough to have a smile that can kill, smiling, in general, makes anyone look more approachable and warm. So, if you listen to what men want, smile more because their ego can’t handle a woman who does not chuckle at all of their poorly delivered jokes. Or maybe it has got nothing to do with their ego and everything to do with your smile making them feel comfortable, or perhaps they genuinely love seeing you happy. Whatever the reason might be, smile the next time you flirt. Leave the grumpy for when you are in a relationship. 

Final Takeaway

There’s a lot that we hear about flirting, and it can indeed be a tricky affair to get right the first time. But practice makes perfect. So here are a few tips from men on how to flirt with a man. Girls, we hope this helps. 

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