Top 10 Tips On How To Flirt With A Guy

Top 10 Tips On How To Flirt With A Guy

Some people are born with flirting skills, and that is just not fair, especially when you are trying your best to walk up to the man you fancy and utter two words. It makes your blood boil that you still have not figured out how to flirt with a guy like some of the other girls in your group. Am I right? But, listen, you are in no way alone in this boat. I mean, it’s not even a boat anymore; it’s a ship. Yes, there are that many people struggling with the same thing as you.

Some women know exactly how to bat their eyes to get the right amount of attention; they have figured out when to flip their hair and bite their lips ever-so-slightly to look immensely sexy; some, not all. If you are not one of them, you are in for a ride. We have curated a list of efficient tips to flirt with a guy for women who are not blessed with this highly coveted talent.

#1 Eye Contact

So, you have a massive crush on this guy in your class. What’s the first thing you can do before you walk up to him and introduce yourself? Make eye contact. Get yourself noticed. We know it’s easier said than done, but if you get this part right, striking up a conversation with this guy will be so much smoother. 

For instance, you saw him sitting at the opposite table in the library. Now, look, it’s a library; there’s nothing much you can do here anyways other than looking. But when he catches you doing the same, don’t look away. Hold his gaze for a beat, smile, and look away. Now he knows you exist and is also aware that you are interested in him.

#2 Call Him By His Name

Now that you have successfully made eye contact and gotten yourself noticed, you should go up to him and introduce yourself. Interact! It won’t kill you. And when you finally talk to him, take his name. For instance, you say, “It’s nice to meet you.” Instead, you should say, “It’s nice to meet you, Alex.” Most men love it when a woman calls them by their names. It’s an ego thing, I suppose. More importantly, it’s a fool-proof flirting technique. Try it the next time you flirt with a guy.

#3 Touches

Oh wow, see who’s on a roll. First eye contact, and now you are talking to the guy. You go, girl. Next up, try wooing him with some physical contact. No, we are not suggesting you get intimate. Light and playful touches can do more wonders than you know. This kind of intimacy builds a bond between people, more precisely, a romantic bond. 

Next time you talk to him, lightly touch his arm while laughing at one of his jokes. You can give him a peck on his cheeks while saying goodbye or hug him if you are not feeling particularly daring that day. What else? Oh, there’s a myriad of possibilities. You can “accidentally” brush up against him while talking or bump your leg under the table. But mind you, if he seems uncomfortable with any of these gestures, do not repeat them. Consent is mandatory, even when you are flirting.

#4 Compliments!

Now that you have gotten familiar with each other, try complimenting him. There’s nothing that a good old compliment can’t do. You see him in the morning, tell him how his outfit brings out his eyes. You can bring up any of his recent achievements and tickle his ego by wanting to know more about them. Compliments don’t always have to be direct, you know. It can be something as subtle as, “I love how calm and collected you are in the face of stress. I wish I were more like you.” Simple, subtle, and effective. 

#5 You Can Tease Him

Among all the tips, playful teasing might be the most effective and tricky. When you flirt with a guy, familiarity is important to move things forward and come to a point where you confess your feelings for him. And playful teasing does precisely that. It is also an efficient way of breaking the ice. For instance, you can comment on his new haircut and tease him by asking if he is trying to impress someone with it. It makes him laugh, helps make things slightly less awkward between the two of you, and he will start getting his guard down around you. And, the best possible thing that can happen is he says yes, he is trying to impress you. Imagine!

#6 Listen To Him

A big part of flirting is getting to know the man you are crushing on. He is not just a handsome face, you know. There is more to this man. And what’s the best way to know him? Listen! It might all feel like a dream when he speaks to you, but you have to hear what he is saying. Maybe it will make you fall head over heels for him, or you might find out that his heart is not as beautiful as his face. Either way, you must listen to him when he talks to you. 

When you genuinely listen to people, you make them feel important and validated. It might seem like a small thing, but he will value it more than your sly smile and eye-batting. Next time you speak to your crush, let him know he has your attention. 

#7 Wit and Humor

If you are trying to figure out how to flirt with a guy over text, showing off your wit and humor might be the best option. Like women, men like witty women. And everyone loves a good laugh, regardless of the sex. You can send him memes, for starters. And don’t forget to insert your own punchline to it. 

Let me remind you something while we are on the topic; your humor might be different from his. If he does not seem impressed by the things you say, don’t be hurt. You are perfect the way you are, but maybe, take it down a notch if he seems offended or generally disinterested in your jokes. 

#8 Air Of Mystery

Try not to give it all away in the first conversation. Let there be some air of mystery hanging around you that will get him intrigued well enough to want to talk to you again. For instance, if he asks you questions over text, answer only one part of it and consciously leave the other one out. Let him wonder why you did not answer it. You can flirt with him by saying, “you have to take me out on a date to get it out of me.” See how smoothly you suggested that he should ask you out and implied that you will say yes to it.

#9 Flirty Texts

I mean, humor and wit can do so much, but flirty texts, now that hits somewhere else. For women trying their hands on online dating, this one’s for you. Make your messages slightly flirty. It should not seem like you are trying to be his friend. Your texts should scream that you would very much like to go the romance road with him. You can comment on his display image and tell him it is attractive.

#10 Questions

Did you know, while flirting, if you ask questions or end a conversation with a question, it doubles your chances of interacting with the guy again? It will give him the scope to come back to you with an answer, and while he thinks of it, he will also be thinking of you.  

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A Quick Word

Flirting does not necessarily mean you have to end up dating each other. That is one of the goals, but the primary motive is to have fun and enjoy it. It would be amazing if only locking your eyes and smiling your best smile could land you a date with your crush, but it isn’t. So, next time you try flirting, keep our tips in mind.

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