5 Different Love Languages – Get to Know Them

5 Different Love Languages

Have you ever heard of love getting lost in translation? All the effort you put in amounts to nothing? It can happen, and it does happen quite frequently when two people in a relationship have 5 different love languages. Knowing your partner’s love language and helping them know yours is the best way to keep your efforts from being in vain. The relationship you may create with your significant other if you communicate your love in the same love language as your partner can receive will be fantastic.

Did you know there are five love languages? Yes, there are five ways people show love and receive them. Words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, and receiving gifts- these are the five primary love languages, and it would do you much good to have a clear idea of what they are and how to use them to your advantage. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go looking for all this information anywhere else. We’ll help you with all of it. Keep reading!

Gary Chapman came up with the concept of love languages in the year 1992 and published a book on it, “The 5 love languages,” and it has been gospel for young couples navigating love and romance. How did he come up with it? No, he did not just wake up one fine day and think of it. His methods were more thorough than that; he noticed while counseling couples how often two people in a relationship misunderstood each other’s wants and desires. That’s when he came up with this unique concept of different love languages to make it easier for couples to express themselves and understand and help understand each other’s needs.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these love languages- 

Words Of Affirmation-

“You are amazing; I can’t believe I found you,” “You are gorgeous,” “I am so in love with you; don’t ever doubt that.” Doesn’t it feel so good when your partner says something like this? These are called words of affirmation. It is the act of expressing one’s love and affection through spoken words or, in some cases, written. It can be praise, appreciation, acknowledgment, or merely saying I love you. It can also be a love note, a cute text saying how much they love you, a picture that quotes their favorite line describing everything they love in you, or again it can be a mere I love you text. All of these hold deep meaning and the capacity to make someone’s day. A few kind words sometimes have more power than an array of expensive gifts, and when both come coupled together, no one would be happier than the recipient of such love.


Speaking of gifts- receiving gifts is another significant element of the 5 love languages list. It’s rather simple; you feel appreciated and immensely loved when someone, especially your partner, gives you some meaningful gift; everyone does. Chapman calls it the “visual symbol of love.”

People who speak this love language give immense value to gift-giving. Starting from the contemplation to the purpose of choosing the gift, what it represents, and the emotional advantages of giving the gift, these people will think of everything quite thoroughly. 

People whose love language is receiving gifts take much pleasure in being gifted things that are both tangible and hold emotional value. It does not matter how expensive the gift is; it’s the thought that counts. Because of the emotional significance of the gift, even a single rose could be oh-so valuable to you. 

Quality Time

Who doesn’t love spending quality time with their partner? Almost all of us recognize quality time as a love language. In fact, it might be one of the most common elements in the love language types. People with this love language feel most loved when they get enough time and attention from their partner. If you sense that your significant other is one of these people, try spending as much quality time with them as possible to make them feel appreciated and valued. 

How to recognize if someone will definitely respond to this love language- 

  • These people always crave undivided attention.
  • They are always ready to meet up and hang out.
  • The thought of spending time together will light up their faces.
  • When they are with their loved ones, they are always fully present at the moment.
  • They prioritize eye contact and active listening.

Do you or your partner fall in this category? If yes, spend more time together and see how fast your relationship hits another level of emotional intimacy.

Physical Touch

Well, it goes without saying that physical touch is an essential form of expressing love. It is fairly significant among the five different love languages. People who respond to this language communicate and feel love through affectionate touches more than words and gestures. It can be any form of physical intimacy ranging from consummating their love to simply holding hands or a gentle touch on the arm during a conversation. 

Is this your partner’s favorite love language? Here’s how you can figure it out-

  • They love cuddling.
  • Their idea of a perfect date might be to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.
  • They always want to be physically close to you.
  • They love holding hands. 

Acts of Service

Do you love it when your partner does something for you? Whom are we kidding; we all love it. But do you enjoy it, especially when your partner goes above and beyond to ensure you feel loved? If so, your love language is the act of service. You value actions more than words. It can be anything as trivial as helping you with the daily chores, calling you up to ask if you need anything, cooking for you, remembering to refill your meds and other such acts that will make your life a tad bit easier.

If you are blessed with a partner who enjoys this love language, none of your actions, no matter how trivial they are, will go unnoticed. They will acknowledge it and appreciate your efforts. And they, in turn, will prove their love through acts rather than words.

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And Finally

How does understanding the primary love language types that fuel your relationship help you? 

  • It makes you more selfless. For instance, your love language might be words, but your partner believes in actions. Once you understand that, you work to express your love in their language. And your partner reciprocates the same, making your bonds stronger.
  • It promotes empathy. Once you learn your partner’s primary love language, you empathize more with how they express love, even if that isn’t how you would ideally prefer to be loved.
  • It helps with intimacy. Showing love in each other’s preferred love language will encourage more love between two people and, in the process, lead to more intimacy, emotional and physical.
  • Most importantly, it enables you to show your love in the most profound way, making your partner feel seen and cherished.

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