15 Romantic Wedding Couple Poses For the Soon-To-Be-Married Couples

Romantic Wedding Couple Poses

Weddings, the day you marry your one true love; the ultimate win. But what happens before D-day is something people usually forget to mention while talking about weddings. From the overwhelming stress of finding the perfect dress for the biggest day of your life to finding a venue that screams you. And to remember the love, the laughter, the grandeur, and all the labor that went behind pulling off your most memorable day, you need the perfect photographer. It’s a task and certainly not an easy one.

Romantic wedding couple poses are an absolute necessity. It captures all the emotions you go through the day you and your love are officially one and beautifully reflects your love story for you to cherish and relive for the rest of your lives together. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you thought candid pictures are the way out of this trouble, let me break it to you MOST CANDIDS ARE PLANNED. Let’s call it PlanDid instead. I mean, did you really think that the perfect ray of sunlight just naturally fell on the bride’s face while she smiled her most perfect smile and the photographer was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time? It was all planned to the very last detail. 

Don’t let social media fool you. Be ready for your big day. It is wise to have a few ideas up your sleeves. Most couples tend to feel blank and clueless during the photoshoot for romantic wedding couple poses. 

Do you want the best piece of advice? Plan! Half of the things you plan will not go as you planned, but at least the other half will. Imagine if you don’t plan at all. Plan your poses, plan your expression, visit the venue and check out the places you can use for your wedding photo shoot, and plan your dress so that it complements your sweetheart’s and comes out beautifully in pictures. You can visit the venue and find places to get your photoshoot done, plan everything to the last detail, and hope it works out in the end. 

We want to help; here are a few romantic wedding couple poses for your big day.

#1 Kiss? No. The Moment Before The Kiss

Kissing scenes in movies might look oh-so-romantic, but it is no easy task to get the perfect shot. Should you keep your eyes closed or keep them open? Would it look too personal to be on the photo album that all of your relatives would want to see, or will they think it’s cute? Too many doubts and worries can ruin your perfect shot. The stress might be too evident on your face. Chuck kissing. Capture the moment right before the kiss. 

It portrays connection and intimacy perfectly without making it too awkward for others. Keep the eyes closed, lips natural and not puckered like a fish, and slowly close in the gap between your faces. The small point of contact before the kiss will make for a much better shot than the kiss itself. 

#2 The Embrace. Keep it Subtle.

Do you know the most common problem that couples face during their wedding photoshoot? Relatives. They are all around you; some even enjoy watching you pose. It gets incredibly awkward. But fret not; we have the perfect solution for your dilemma. The subtle embrace is low-key enough for you to even pose in front of the guests.

Step-by-step guide on how to achieve the pose:

  • Either the bride or the groom sits in the front. 
  • One of the two will sit behind the other. Sitting on an elevated surface will balance out the picture even better.
  • Hug your partner from behind. 
  • Smile!

#3 Get Up On the Stairs

This one is perfect for shy brides. Find some stairs. Any elevated space will work, but stairs have a different charm. The bride stands on the top of the stair while the groom holds her hand. Look into each other’s eyes softly and forget about the camera and the people. 

#4 Look Away

We are so used to watching the newly married couple looking into each other’s eyes while posing for their wedding pictures. Let’s take a more unique route. How about the groom looks at the bride with much love in his eyes while the bride is looking away? The bride can pretend to be talking to her friends or fixing her dress. It perfectly reflects how smitten the groom is with his bride.

#5 The Supermodel Pose

This one might be a little tricky for couples who are camera shy, but with some effort, if you can pull it off, it will make for an incredible shot. 

This is apparently one of the most sought-after romantic wedding couple poses. Look right into the camera and no smile. Smolder if you can. Keeping a straight face for wedding pictures might not seem like a good idea, but trust us, the output will be sexier than you can imagine.

#6 Have Pets? Get Them In the Shot!

A special appearance of the most-loved member of your family in your wedding pictures is a must. The photoshoot will be fun, and nothing lights up the couple’s eyes more than incorporating their pets in their photos.

#7 The Spin

If your bride is wearing a lehenga, this one will be perfect. Find a spot where the sunlight is coming in rays. Or if there is a chandelier, even that works. Stand underneath it and spin your bride to create a playful shot that shows off her dress in its full glory. It adds a Disney-princess-like charm to your wedding album.

#8 Looking for Action? Jump Into His Arms

A photoshoot for romantic wedding couple poses is incomplete with an action shot of the bride being swept off her feet by her Prince Charming. It will not only give you one of the best pictures in your wedding album but also evoke a little laughter. 

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#9 Candids. Or Shall We Say, Plandids?

Want to get one of those pictures where the couple laughs perfectly in sync on some unknown joke, and the light hits their face just the right way making everything look so dreamy and romantic? As we told you before, right from the way the bride’s veil falls on her face to the angle the groom tilts his head while laughing, everything is planned by the photographer. All you have to do is convey your ideas and follow instructions.

A pro tip- don’t smile too wide. While that feel so good, showing off all your pearly whites often doesn’t look so beautiful.

#10 The Forehead Kiss

As we discussed earlier, a liplock might not be the best idea for a wedding photo shoot. For the most part, it is because of the sheer awkwardness showing on the couple’s faces. But a kiss on the forehead shows off the love and care the couple shares for one another perfectly. This romantic shot also offers a scope to display the bride’s OOTD and hairstyle for the day.

#11 Hand In Hand

While looking for the best wedding couple poses, holding hands and walking toward the future seems to be the right fit. Isn’t that what marriage is?

#12 Whisper in The Ear

Nothing beats whispering sweet nothings in your sweetheart’s ears. This idea will make for a perfect candid shot. And, if you have anything special to tell your partner, this is your moment. For instance, you might want to tell your groom how handsome he is looking. Or, let your bride know she has nothing to worry about; you’ve got her back today.

#13 The Dip

Let your Bollywood side out; unleash the drama with a cinematic dip. It is tricky but once done, very few poses can top it. To get the perfect shot, spin your partner once before the dip. If you are feeling particularly confident, ignore our tips and bend in for a kiss. 

#14 It’s Your Wedding. Dance!

Get lost in the moment and share a slow dance with your partner. The photographer will do the rest. The sheer fact that you love one another and enjoy each other’s company will bring life to the pictures. If there is no tune, hum in your head. You’ll be surprised to see how in sync couples are when they are in love.

#15 The One Right After The Ceremony

This one shows pure bliss. You don’t know how the day went by, and even with all the humdrum around you, the only thought that occupies your mind and soul is that you are married to the love of your life. Let’s capture this face and phase of your life. You rarely feel so overwhelmed and yet so content at the same time in your life. 

Final Words

No matter what poses you end up doing, your wedding day will still remain special, and so will your wedding pictures. It’s all about the emotions you share for one another, the rest are insignificant at the end of the day.

Note: Image credit to unsplash.com

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