How To Deal With The Ending Of An “Almost Relationship”

How To Deal With The Ending Of An Almost Relationship

Dating can be tricky; that might be understating the reality of the matter. Dating is downright daunting. So when you finally connect with someone, they seem genuinely interested in you, make you smile, and encourage you to let your guard down; it feels like the ultimate load off one’s mind. It almost seems perfect. It almost turns into a relationship. Almost!

Peace doesn’t come easily to most people. So even when there’s good compatibility, vibes are aligned, and the chemistry is off the charts, it might not move any farther and remain an almost relationship. It can be the constant insecurity, doubts, and uncertainty about the future that’s stopping either one of you from going all in. There is no point in hanging on to it. It will only lead to heartaches. In the end, one of you will call it quits, and to make it worse, it will be an ‘almost breakup,’ and you’ll almost pity yourself.

Somehow, almost are worse to deal with than a full-blown relationship. But we are here with some tips to get over it.

#1 Be Upfront With Your Almost Partner.

A lot of confusion can be avoided if only two people can have a candid conversation. Tell them what you are looking for, and ask what exactly they want. Maybe they’ll tell you that a relationship is not in their scheme of things. Imagine if you knew this from the beginning, there would be no expectations and hence, heartbreak.

Next time you feel there’s something off, talk to your date. They might be unintentionally leading you on with no intentions of becoming exclusive.

#2 Acknowledge Your Feelings

Feeling the grief and pain of a relationship found and lost is the first step to healing. Almost all relationships end and lead to definite heartbreak. But our mind works in mysterious ways; it does not want to acknowledge the pain. As if it’s almost there, but you don’t want to feel it or accept it. 

The fact that the relationship was never labeled does not mean you don’t have the ache. An almost breakup leaves just as much hole in your heart. It is okay to feel hurt, get angry at the other person, and every other emotion that follows. Suppressing them won’t do you any good.

#3 Talk About It.

Asking for help surely does not make you weak. If you are feeling intense unbearable pain, talk to someone you trust. It can be a friend, a family member, or mental health professional. The goal is to unload your feelings to someone who will provide you with emotional support and can give you helpful insight. Also, talking about sorrow helps with the burden that comes with it. 

#4 Me Time!

Taking some time off dating is the best way to recover from heartbreak. Process the events that ensued in your life, and let them sink in. Feel the feelings as long as you need to, and then let them go. Try not to get involved with anyone in the meantime. Who knows where it will lead you, but more often than not, a rebound might add to the wound. We don’t want more drama in our lives, do we? 

Explore yourself. Introspect and understand what you want in your partner. Improve yourself. More than anything, learn to love yourself.

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#5 Patience Is Rewarding.

Whoever said that good things come to people who wait for it was on to something. Have patience. You are not competing in a race to find love. It is not first come, first serve. Love is out there for everyone, and you will find yours.

Your heart has been through some rough patches, be kind to it. There is no formula to make it stop hurting. Only time will heal your wounds. Give yourself that time.

Final Takeaway

Whether it’s a breakup or an almost breakup, parting from someone you love hurts, period. But then again, it is better to endure the pain now than to end up with the wrong person for the rest of your life. Don’t settle for anything other than what you deserve. And even almost relationships have their upsides. They teach you vital life lessons; not everything is meant to be.

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