What Women Want: Relationship Advice For Men

What Women Want Relationship Advice For Men

What do women want? It has to be the most asked question by men across the globe. It has been answered by women over and over again, but apparently, men still don’t know the answer.

While every woman’s expectations from their partner are different, we can always find some similarities along the way. One of the simplest ways of knowing what a woman wants from a man in a relationship is to have an open and transparent conversation. Yet, somehow that seems to be the last resort for many men.

Since understanding women’s intimate reflections and feelings is a tricky feat for most men, for once and for all, here is a list of things that most women want in a relationship.


Yes, we know how most men think an air of mystery around them would make them more desirable. But that is for the initial flirting stage. It doesn’t apply when you are already in a relationship.

Listen closely; women love transparency. Do not keep secrets. If there is something new happening in your life, share it with your lady love. It not only puts her imagination to rest but also makes her feel special and included in your life.

There will come a time when you might think it is okay to skip some details of your life but think twice. It will come back and bite you. Even if it’s insignificant, communicate it with your partner. What might feel trivial to you might be a massive deal for her.

Empathetic Listener

Empathetic Listener

It has already been established that she wants to listen to you. Now it’s your turn to lend her a genuine ear. Being an empathetic listener will benefit you all the same. The best way of knowing what her heart desires is to listen to her intently.

It sounds easy, but being a good listener is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some are born with the quality, and to some, it comes with practice.

Women want you to be present at the moment and be there for them. During a conversation, they want men to read between the lines and pay attention to details. It might sound like a lot of work, but you love her, and she is worth all the effort.

Communicative Companion

“My girlfriend keeps complaining that I don’t communicate enough.”
If she is complaining about it so often, she must be experiencing a lack of it.

So, here’s another no-brainer for you. Women love it when their partners communicate with them. You have been saying that women should directly tell you what they want. You want your partner to articulate to you her needs. Women want you to do the same.

It is not your boo’s work to solve the puzzle that is your emotional state. Also, communication is key to any relationship. A lack of communication can create conflict and restrict the growth of your relationship. Good communication helps your relationship evolve into something more meaningful.


Nothing is more valuable to a woman than respect. While it is a given that your sweetheart wants you to respect her, she also wants to see you respect other women. So, if you are under the impression that speaking ill of your ex-girlfriend or saying mean things about a woman you met will make your partner feel secure, you might be mistaken. On the contrary, she will assume this to be your general mindset about all women, including her.

My suggestion would be to be mindful about how you speak about other women and refrain from using blanket remarks like, “she is crazy,” “she was being unreasonable,” etc. Avoid making such statements, especially when it’s baseless.

Personal Space.

Yes, even women need space!

Being in a relationship does not have to mean the two of you sharing every single thing in life. You can have your interests and pursue them on your own. Of course, taking part in each other’s interests at times is a sign of a healthy relationship, emphasis on at times.

If your partner wants space, it does not necessarily mean your relationship is doomed. A little space is essential to maintain a happy relationship. And, some time away from each other is known to make the heart grow fonder.

A Secure Man

A Secure Man

No woman wants a man who feels threatened at the drop of a hat. Men are generally known to feel wounded when their partner achieves more career-wise. But, not all men.

There have been instances when a woman got promoted to an important position but could not share the news with her partner, fearing it might intimidate him. Women don’t want such petty insecurities to ruin their shot at happiness.

Remember, her success should make you happy, not threaten you. That’s all she wants. She wants you to look at her like the perfect teammate, not an opponent.


“She complains about time.”
How many times have we heard men say this?
Well, there you go. Here’s a clue to figure out what women want.
Women want your time and attention, not some fancy gifts.

Yes, pampering her with meaningful gifts once in a while is the cherry on top, but it can never substitute spending quality time with her. Of course, we understand that life is hectic. But, when she is the one, putting the effort to make time for her is key to any happy relationship.

Trust and be trusted.

With love comes trust. Women want men to have faith in them. Just because you saw her talking to a guy does not mean she was flirting. Try not to jump to such conclusions; it will only disgrace her loyalty towards you and the relationship.

Just like she desires your trust, she wants to have equal confidence in you, don’t give her a reason to feel otherwise. Having faith in each other is the building block of a relationship.


Who doesn’t crave affection? Your lady love wants you to figure out your love language and make use of it often to express your feelings for her. For some, their love language is cooking for their partners; for others, it can be something else. Whatever it is, the bottom line is to express love through actions and words.

With passing time, you might stop putting in the work to articulate your love. But it is high time you rethink your actions. A woman wants her partner to care for her verbally, physically, diversely, and consistently.

It should not be hard work. Love comes coupled with affection. You only have to figure out the best way to emphasize and express the same.

In The End

A woman wants her partner to value her and recognize all the things that she brings into the relationship. She wants her efforts to be lauded, and her strengths acknowledged. One crucial thing to remember is women want almost the same things as men; only it might not be in the same order of priority.

In the end, everything boils down to how much you love her and how much effort you are willing to put in for her.

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