5 Things To Avoid On Your First Date : A Guide To A Smooth-Sailing Date

First Date

You won’t believe how many people complain that their first date was awkward or simply a disaster. Dating can be a complex field to maneuver, and when you somehow land yourself a date, please don’t sabotage it with a few brainless mistakes.

Even though the dating game has changed over the years, the fundamental Dos and Don’ts remain the same. Make the best impression on your first date by memorizing these five Don’ts.

1. Don’t Be Late

Let’s start with punctuality. Have you heard of the quote “better three hours too soon than three minutes too late”? Plan your day and calculate to the last minute. Take every minor foreseeable difficulty that might take up your time into consideration. Being on time makes you appear committed and reliable.

Being fashionably late is the ultimate hogwash. No one desires a partner who couldn’t even manage to show up on time on the first date. Also, your date might assume that you’ve stood them up and leave the scene even before you reach.

2. Don’t Bring Up The EX!

Let the past be where it belongs, in the past. Bringing up your ex is not only a turn-off for most people, but it will also make them wonder if you are still hung up on the previous relationship. While it is healthy and vital to be able to talk to your partner about your past, this is just the first date, and they are not yet your partner. You also run the risk of making your date feel like a mere rebound by mentioning your ex on the very first date.

Why dwell in the past when the present has so much to offer? Save dishing your ex for some other time and enjoy your date!

3. Don’t Be A Conversation Hogger

A conversation is a two-way street. Meet halfway on talking about yourself and listening to your date talk about their life. This way, no one feels left out. Talking too much about yourself will also give them the impression that you are a snob and a narcissist.

It is only natural that you are excited about this first date and have many questions to ask your date. But don’t go overboard or pry. Let your date answer first, and only then, after careful consideration, shoot more questions at them. And do not, I repeat, do not force your date to disclose things that they are not comfortable telling you.

4. Don’t Discuss “Marriage and Kids.”

Save the future planning for later. The first date is no place to discuss how many kids you want and your dream wedding. Ideally, on a first date, most people are not sure whether to split the bill or share the food, let alone share a future.

Your date might have the same aims as you, but bringing up such a topic on the first date might make them feel like you are rushing the relationship. If it’s the right match, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to discuss these. Leave the far-reaching topic out of the first date and indulge in simplistic conversations.

5. Don’t Pretend

One of the most vital factors in a relationship is honesty. If you pretend to be someone else from the very first date, chances are, your relationship won’t move ahead of the first date. And, if by chance you get in a relationship with this person, it will be exhausting to remember to “act” like someone you’re not all the time.

Be yourself, and if your date goes well, you can be sure that the person values you for who you are.

First dates can be nerve-wracking, and it is human to feel anxious. But if you meet the right person, everything will seem like rainbows and butterflies, and all the silly little mishaps will be overshadowed by the fondness you have for each other.

Leena Sinha

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