Great Ideas to Set Up A Perfect Romantic Candle Light Dinner at Home

Romantic Candle Light Dinner At Home

Enjoying a candle light dinner at home is a much more special experience for couples than eating out. So, if its been long since you both could spend some quality time together then you probably need to get yourself a little time of leisure by creating a perfect environment for a memorable romantic dinner. We will help you rekindle your love and you won’t even need to step out of your home for planning a romantic candle light dinner with your special someone. Well, there is no better place to set up a luxurious dinner date to get closer to your partner and create a memory that you both will cherish in future. So we have compiled 16 candle light dinner ideas that will impress your partner in no time!

1. Schedule your dinner plan when you both don’t have any other chores to do!

Dinner Plan

Before organizing your dinner date at home, just make sure that you and your partner has no personal or professional commitments to avoid spoiling the fun since no one wants to hurry up on a date night.

2. Invite your partner over this romantic set up on his work mail.

Romantic Dinner Set Up

Your special someone must have put various efforts to keep you happy but if you want to be the one to take the initiative this time then be ready to make it different and add some romantic element to your upcoming dinner plan. Imagine being invited by your favorite person in one of the most unexpected way,that is being sent an invitation over your office mail. It will most likely make your partner smile at his work place. Do give it a try as it is one of the best idea to set up his mood fora perfect romantic dinner.

3. Decorate the entrance with flower petals and scented candles to grab his attention.

Flowers Decoration

Don’t ever forget to show that you love him at least this is something he expects from your side.Try using flower petals of his favourite color along with glimmering candles as they have love sparking qualities. So make him feel delighted with love because a surprise like this doesn’t only impress females. Make this night more special with these innovative and unique ideas for candle light dinner at your place.

4. Welcome him with a gorgeous yet simple bouquet and use it as a center piece when you both arrive at the table.

Flower Bouquet

It is a surefire way to enchant his evening at a private dinner. Also make it extravagant by dimming the overhead lights at the entrance and decorating the bouquet with dim lights. Seems unique yet classy? This is what we want your romantic dinner to be.

5. Plan dishes as per your partner’s preferences and keep the menu precise to make it more presentable.


Once the menu is planned food preparation can be done at home or you also have an option to buy food from your favourite restaurant. But being creative is going to give a better candle light dinner experience for you both. A themed menu highlighting his favourite dishes can be presented in a romantic way to excite him. Also don’t forget about adding appetizers to the menu as your partner will absolutely love it.

6. Keeping a drink or juice ready to inaugurate your cooked meal.


It is an ideal tip for your romantic night in order to make it more enjoyable with your beau. Adding a drink or a juice that he likes would make your food seem more delicious.

7. Dessert is a must for those sweet after moments specially if you both love them!


To make things extra romantic prepare an elaborate sweet dishsince you both won’t have much room left in your stomach by then. Having something chocolaty is a great end meal idea for your candlelit night.

8. Use flower petals, scented candles and a beautiful table cloth to make your serving place look more elegant.

Candle Light Dinner

Set the table beautifully as it gets all the extra attention during your candle light dinner so be as creative as you want while decorating it.You can use few crystal bowls partly filled with water and add colorful floating candles to make it look more beautiful. Flower petals can also be used to increase the endeavor.

9. Serve the dishes in your best dinner wares and try using the ones which matches your decoratives.

Romantic Dinner

White dishes can be offset with red candles and vivid floral so you can use them to createthe feeling of a fine dining establishment. Make sure to prepare all food prior to his arrival to enjoy a mess-free dinner date with your loved one.

10. Dim up room lights and add fairy lightings to brighten your room decor and create a relaxing environment for the two of you.

Candle Lights

Make sure the background doesn’t look messy even though the lights will be dim. You can also make it more appealing to your partner by hanging string based photos to relive your old memories together while enjoying your romantic dinner.

11. Add a dash of romance with sweet aromas that fill up the room.


Light up few incense sticks or use some flavored air freshener to lighten up your moods while you both enjoy your food.

12. Don’t forget to play some soft melodious music in the background.

Melodious Music

When things go as planned then music should not be ignored. Choose the music you want to listen to ahead of time, and have soft romantic music playing in the background to make your dining experience better than ever!

13. Get dressed beautifully in his favourite color to grab his attention instantly.

Dressed Beautifully

Wear something that he likes and look effortlessly attractive. Looking refreshed is a must for your candlelit night to be perfect. Just make sure you decide on a dress code with your companion before the date, so you both look equally fancy.

14. Set up your mood by getting rid of any distractions specially your mobile.

Get Rid of Distractions

You don’t want your partner to feel like you are not being attentive enough. So stay away from your mobile phone or computer and give all your attention to him for the night to make it extra special for him.

15. You can watch some movie of your partner’s choice or a Web series post-dinner to win his affection.

Watch Movie

It doesn’t only happens in movies and you can probably get closer to your better half in real life while watching some romantic movie together. So keep some popcorn handy to make your special occasion more interesting.

16. Last but not least enjoy your romantic candle light date with your mate and create a memorable evening.

Candle Light Date

Apply these simple yet effective steps to mesmerize him and create an experience that you both will always remember.

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