7 Tips To Maintain A Smooth-Sailing Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Relationships can be tricky at times, and when it’s a long-distance one, the challenge becomes two-fold harder. But in this age of texting and video calling, it has become a lot more smooth-sailing.

Of course, technology can’t compensate for everything in a long-distance relationship. The lack of physical proximity can be emotionally taxing. But it does not mean that it is doomed to fail. If you are with the right person and both of you are willing to make it last, long-distance relationships can also be beautiful, much like any other regular relationship.

Plenty of couples have successfully done the long-distance thing. Having a game plan is key to a happy LDR. The key is to follow some elementary advice. You won’t believe how many people fail to do so. Don’t be one of them. Read on and maintain a glitch-free long-distance relationship.

1. Don’t Over-Communicate

I know it sounds contrary to what one would imagine is necessary for LDR, but excess communication can create many complications. You might come off as too sticky and obsessed with your partner. There’s a good chance you’ll get bored. Don’t compensate for the distance by talking all the time. Have meaningful conversations, not just for the sake of spending more time but for building a better connection.

2. Set Solid Ground Rules

Managing your expectation is crucial in a long-distance relationship, and that comes from setting boundaries. You have to be clear about what you expect from your partner and how much you are willing to give during the duration of this long distance. Set ground rules so that no lines are crossed unknowingly. Be precise about what is acceptable and what is not. I don’t think it needs to be mentioned that infidelity is downright unacceptable.

Most long-distance relationships fail due to a lack of trust. By setting these boundaries and clearing your intention from the initial stage, you can avoid getting your heart broken or breaking your partner’s.

3. Do Things Together

Plan to watch a movie together or read the same book at the same time. It will make you feel closer to your partner. You’ll also have more things to discuss with your partner. Shared experiences are vital in any relationship. You can even try playing online games to add to the fun. There are myriad ways to plan a date, even if you live far away from your partner. Channel your creative self and start planning a date today!

4. Establish Common Goals For The Future

Experts say, planning three to five long-term goals with your long-distance partner helps strengthen the relationship and increase the chances of success.

It is vital in any relationship to know that both the partners are on the same page about their relationship. Even if you are not living in the same space, you must work towards the same goal.

5. Be Honest And Trust Your Partner

Honesty and trust is the building block of any relationship. The distance can play tricks on your mind. Every time you can’t get a hold of them, your imagination runs amok. Remember to have faith in your love in times like these. It can be challenging. You have to convey your feelings of doubt, jealousy, insecurity, whatever it might be, to your partner, and work it out with them.

Even in the new age, honesty is still the best policy. It is freeing. If you have something in your mind, something you believe your partner should know, tell them. No matter what it is. It’s better to come clean than to be caught. And you never know, you might have been worrying for no reason. Your partner might not even be bothered by the revelation.

6. Don’t Forget To Live Your Life

Relationships can be all-consuming at times. You can sit at home all day, pining about how far your partner is from you, or you can go out and meet your friends or do some regular chores. A relationship should be a part of your life, not life itself.

Togetherness and separateness are equally important in a long-distance relationship. Don’t put all your energy into the relationship. You’ll end up exhausted. It can also trigger a sense of loneliness. Travel with your friends, eat your favorite food, or watch a new movie.

7. Visit Each Other At Every Opportunity.

Do you know the most coveted part of a long-distance relationship? It’s the meet-up. Nothing can beat the excitement and happiness of seeing your long-distance partner. Try to schedule meet-ups at regular intervals. What is mundane for a regular couple is extra special for the long-distance ones.

Make sure to surprise your partner with an unexpected visit at least once every three to four months. It helps keep the spark alive.


In the end, love is beyond our control. Despite our best efforts, things can fall apart or work out perfectly. Though a long-distance relationship takes extra work and consideration, with the right person, it’s all worth it.

Leena Sinha

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