5 Things to Try When It Feels Like No One Can Understand Me!

No One Can Understand Me

There are days when you feel no one understands you; no one gets what’s going on in your head. We have all had one of those days where we want to shout out loud, “no one can understand me.” It’s okay. We understand you. It’s only human to feel this way, and there can be myriad reasons why you might be feeling so. The first step to solving this dilemma is to figure out what is triggering such thoughts in your mind. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons for this, before we get into things you can do when you start feeling like this. 

  • Among the most common reasons is being surrounded by the wrong group of people who constantly bring you down. They not only don’t understand who you are as a person but also dismiss your ideas and feelings.
  • Maybe the culprit is not someone else but your own mind. The mind can play tricks and make you feel that no one understands you. 3 out of 10 people suffer from either insecurity, a tendency to develop negative thoughts, anxiety, or depression; any one of these is enough to instill such thoughts in our minds.  
  • When we go through a crisis, it feels as if no one can understand what we are going through at the moment. Life, as we know it, ceases to make any sense, and the whole world seems to crumble in front of our eyes, and in the face of all of that, we feel alone. Most of us have been there, and more often than not, we will pull away from friends and family feeling unheard and rarely understood. It is tricky to tell if the way you are feeling has some truth to it or if it is a fragment of your imagination. 

There can be several other reasons why you constantly think no one gets you. But the thing is that no one will ever completely understand you. Why? Because we are all unique individuals with thoughts and traits that are unique to us. No one else can ever fully grasp our ways of thinking. Regardless of the truth of the matter, it can get quite lonely when you keep thinking that not one soul can understand your thoughts, especially in a room full of people who are supposed to be your nearest and dearest ones. So, here are five things for you to try during times when no one understands you.

 #1 Take Some Time To Introspect and Understand Why You Crave Understanding.

We all want to be heard; we all crave someone who will understand us on a deeper level, but the sheer fact that you want people to understand you and what you are going through at all times might be the culprit. Take out some time to introspect as to why you have this intense desire to be understood. We get it; you want people to be there for you during tough times, but it is not always possible. Why? Because the people you are blaming in your head might be having a tricky time themselves. 

It is essential in life that you accept that people won’t always get you. And it is even more important that you are okay with it. We can’t expect understanding from every Tom, Dick, and Harry in our lives. Take the time to introspect and figure out how you want to be treated and whom you want that treatment from; if you want to be understood by your boyfriend, it makes perfect sense. But if you want a random classmate to understand that you are going through a rough patch in life, you are just being unrealistic here. Figure it out before the cravings disturb your mental health.

#2 Understand Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, why would you expect someone else to love you? On a similar note, if you don’t have a clear understanding of what’s going on in your mind, how can you possibly expect another individual to figure it out? If you often find yourself thinking “no one can understand me,” digging for self-awareness is your best option out of this rabbit hole. 

There are times when our mind leaves us puzzled. It’s okay. You have all the time in the world to sort it out, but unless you have it sorted, you can’t expect the same from others. It is only when you know yourself that you have an idea of what kind of support you require from others. 

How to be more self-aware?

  • Start journaling. The moment you write down your thoughts, you give yourself a chance to gain clarity. 
  • Meditation is known to induce clarity in people’s minds. You can try the same to gain self-awareness.

#3 Be With Like-Minded People

The problem might be the fact that you are hanging out with the wrong kind of people. No, the people are not wrong. They are wrong for you. That’s all. Maybe that is why you feel misunderstood or even invisible at times. 

When you constantly feel like “nobody understands me,” don’t try to fit in where you don’t belong. It will only give you the impression that either there is something wrong with you or the people you are hanging out with; find your tribe. For instance, you are an amazing painter. Will you thrive among other painters, or will you grow more with some violinists? You know the answer.

This does not mean you should not have friends from different backgrounds. What it means is that if you expect these people to have you figured out entirely would not be fair on your part. 

With the right set of people, you will grow. And, importantly, you will feel understood. How do you find your tribe?

  • If social activities like going for charity drives or marathons for a cause are your thing, participating in the same frequency will get you in contact with many like-minded people. 
  • Join a club; for instance, if you are an avid reader, you can join a book-lovers club.

#4 Accept That People Can Misunderstand You

The moment you start thinking “no one understands me,try acceptance for size; it can be liberating. If your close friend or family member does not seem to understand you or the point you are trying to make, do not go into disagreements and conflicts. Instead, try and understand that there are a million different ways to think the same thing. Not one of them has to be the ultimate truth. 

The IT’S OKAY method works well for many people who often feel lonely because the world does not understand them. Say, “it’s okay,” and move on. 

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#5 Be Open And Communicate

Rarely, but there is a chance that the culprit here is us. We keep saying, no one understands me,” but we often forget to communicate our needs; we merely expect others, especially the ones closest to us, to read our minds and do what will make us happy. The world does not work like that. It is important to be open. The people who love us are not bound to read every minute expression we make and figure out there is something wrong with us. Instead of making them do the lion’s share of the work, let’s try to pitch in by speaking out. All we have to do is say it in words. For instance, you have been feeling low for some days, and are equally pissed at your girlfriend for not having noticed the same. It’s not entirely her fault. All you had to do was tell her that you are feeling sad. It is not even necessary that you know why you are feeling the way you are feeling. Your near and dear ones will support you no matter what. Next time, communicate.

Final Words

The ultimate advice is, “when no one understands you, try understanding yourself.” Try the tips we have suggested, and when nothing else works, understand that every individual is different and you are unique. Maybe understanding you requires a certain level of intellect that not everyone possesses.

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