7 Useful Tips on How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

You have met this guy, and he is just perfect; now what? Now you are desperately thinking about how to make a guy fall in love with you. Fret not; you are at the right place.

There are no hard and fast rules to make a man fall in love with you, but we have some proven tips for you. We understand your dilemma. You are falling fast, and all you hope is that he feels the same way about you. The best way to make a guy fall insanely in love with you is to show him that you are worthy of his love. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. How do you let someone know that you are worth their while without seeming desperate or, worse, cocky?

Almost all problems come with a solution, and yours, too, has one; it has quite a few. For starters, take it slow. Any relationship goes the distance when you take the time and patience to build a strong foundation. When you are trying to get a guy to fall for you, remember rushing them into feeling the same way as you will never have the outcome you are craving.

But before you put your energy into making him fall in love with you, let’s take a look if you are in love with him. Ask yourself these few questions, and you will know.

  • Are you already imagining a future with him? 
  • How would you feel if he was not in your life?
  • Are you your authentic self around him?
  • Do you selflessly want to do things to make them happy?
  • Do you trust him?
  • Is there mutual respect?
  • Are you in love, or are you lonely?

Once you have the answer to the most crucial question, you can move on to the next part, that is, how to make him fall in love with you.

No. 1: Smile and Be Cute

Most men might seem rough and tough on the outside, but they are usually softies on the inside. Win him over with kindness. And what man can resist a cute smile? 

Here is how you make him fall for you by being cute:

  • Act coy when you point out something good about him.
  • Laugh at his joke. Add a tiny snort in the end; guys find that adorable for some reason.
  • Tuck your hair behind your ear while talking.

No. 2: Dress Well

Did you know men are visual beings? They might take time to catch what’s in your heart, but your face, they will notice that the first thing. It couldn’t hurt to put in the extra effort to look pleasant if that meant he’ll fall faster. Not love, but instead, he’ll be more interested to know you. 

How do you make sure he notices you?

  • Wear fresh clothes that suit the occasion. It is not cool to wear sweatpants on a date; don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.
  • Spritz away. No one wants to date a woman who stinks. 
  • Wear something comfortable. We know how pretty that little black dress looks on you, but if you are tugging at it the entire day, you will not get enough time to impress your man, will you?
  • Shoes! Don’t wear slippers with your pencil skirt; that is all I am saying. Shoes are essential; they show you were not lazy when you were getting dolled up for a date. Your effort shows your interest in the person.

No. 3: Make Him Feel Important

Men love a woman who makes them feel like the provider and protector. Most men are looking for women who understand them and appreciate all their efforts to keep her “safe” and “solve” her problems.

The thing is, women don’t need these savings and solving problems. But if you are looking to make a guy fall in love with you, tickling his ego is part of the process. It is harmless; it will make him happy and feel more manly at the end of the day.

Here are some harmless ways in which you can make him feel more important:

  • Tell him you have to go somewhere, but you don’t know the way. Men love explaining directions.
  • Go to him with a problem, and when he sorts it out for you, thank him.
  • Tell him you love how calm he is in the face of calamity. It might not always be true, but it will push him to be a better person.

No. 4: Show Him That You Love Him For Who He Is

If there’s one thing that a man finds unattractive is when a woman tries to change him. If you are trying to make him fall in love with you, show him that you love him for exactly who he is. Treating him like something to be fixed is never going to work out in your favor.

Here are the things you should never try to change about him, at least not directly:

  • Do not try to change his friend’s group or the dynamics he shares with his closest friends.
  • His equation with his family.
  • Don’t try to change his dressing style.
  • Don’t try to change the way he speaks.

If you don’t like some of his habits, you might communicate them to him later when he is already in love with you. But in the initial stages, either you have to respect his choices or move on to find someone who is better aligned with you.

No. 5: Be Caring

The fastest way to make a guy fall in love with you is to unleash your caring side. Maybe men think they are the ones who are taking care of everything, but the truth is, men need caring more than anyone else. So, if you want him to want you back, give him that; be caring. 

The next time your crush is sick, call him and ask how he is doing over text and if he needs anything. Or, if he has to sit for an interview, wish him luck. There are a hundred and one ways to be caring, and the best part of the deal is that if you really love him, caring for him will be as natural as breathing.

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No. 6: Don’t be Clingy

Clinginess and neediness are never a good look on anyone, especially if you are trying to woo someone. And as rude as it might sound, most women don’t get this part right; you have so much to offer, but offer them slowly. He might not be ready to take it all together. For instance, it is sweet that you baked him brownies on the weekend, but doing it every weekend might seem desperate.

Also, you might be asking him not to go out with his friends on a certain day because he was sick the previous day, and you are worried he will get sick again. But, from where he is standing, he might feel like you are smothering him and trying to direct his life.

No. 7: Be Open And Vulnerable

Did you know to fall in love, you must open your heart and be vulnerable? And when you open up, your BAE will feel comfortable enough to reciprocate the same. Vulnerability is a big part of a healthy relationship, and it brings two people closer to each other.

Tell him, when you are comfortable, about your childhood memories, family dynamics, past relationships, and other personal topics. Slowly you will see him open up to you and share the same with you. But remember not to force him or ask intrusive questions.

Final Words

If you can build the habits that we have shared in this article, you will be reigning in your man’s heart in no time. Most of these tips work on a psychological level and help him realize the advantages of having you in his life. Make a guy fall in love with you in no time with these proven tips.

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