5 Tips On How To Compliment A Guy Or Girl

5 Tips On How To Compliment A Guy Or Girl

Complimenting is an art, do it too much, you can come off too strong or vulgar even; too less can seem like you are disinterested. It looks like you are in a fix. Oh, don’t worry. We have got your back. The best of us have found ourselves in spots where it has been a challenge to praise someone. We got over it; you, too, will get over it. In this article, we will teach you how to compliment a guy or a girl. 

Knowing how to compliment someone will increase your chances of getting yourself a date with that person, and if you are already dating, you will further strengthen your shot at having a relationship by endearing yourself in their eyes. But there’s a catch. It must be done right; insincere compliments can do you more harm than good. 

Maybe you finally got a first date with the guy or girl of your dreams; complimenting them the right way will only make you the apple of their eye. It took you a long time to woo them; trust me, they are worth the effort. If we are discussing women, it is universally known that the female of our species loves receiving compliments. And men? Oh, they love praises just as much as women do, if not more. You might not be someone who has the gift of gab or can effortlessly make people feel like a million dollars with their remarks, but you can get there with practice.

Here is how to compliment a guy or girl without overdoing it or looking like a suck-up.

#1 Let Your Compliments Be Real

It is easy to tell when you are praising someone for getting your way and when you really mean what you are saying. The best compliments are the ones that are authentic and come right from the core of your heart. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it; especially when you compliment a woman. 

Let’s see some examples:

  • If you love their smile- Your smile lights up the entire room.
  • If you love their eyes- Your eyes are so beautiful; they speak!
  • If you like their company- It feels so good to spend time with you.
  • If you love their personality- You are breathtaking; time flies with you.
  • End your date with a genuine compliment- I had the best time with you; can we do this again?

Do you see how all of these compliments sound genuine, and you didn’t have you go overboard with even one?

#2 Effort Over Appearance

While you compliment a guy or girl, notice things they have put effort into and praise that. Physical appearance is not within one’s control; if your date looks naturally beautiful, they have nothing to do with it. It’s just good genes. Similarly, if they are not the most beautiful person on the face of the Earth, they have no control over that either. So what do you compliment? Did you notice how your date had this beautiful hairstyle where she braided a part of it, and some of it was left open? It looked beautiful and really tough to get it done. Compliment that; let her know you noticed her effort and appreciate it. Men might not have long and almost unmanageable hair, but they do spend a lot of time making it look perfect as well. Next time you go on a date and find your date’s hair defying gravity and sticking up, appreciate his effort. 

Here are some examples to compliment a guy or girl

  • I love the way you have put together your outfit; it looks so chic.
  • Wow! Your hair looks unbelievably good.
  • The color of your lipstick brings out your eyes. 
  • I love your earrings; they are so pretty.
  • You look beautiful in this dress.

#3 Not So Obvious Compliments

The first thing you should learn when you are looking for tips on how to compliment a woman is that women don’t find it attractive when your compliments sound like you have practiced them in front of the mirror. While they will appreciate the effort, appreciation is not equal to finding it immensely hot. Go for unexpected compliments and take her by surprise. For instance, if your date has beautiful hazel eyes, don’t go ahead and compliment that. She knows her eyes are captivating, and has heard all sorts of comments on them. Instead, focus on how she speaks or something unique you discovered about her personality and mention that. For example, “I love how you always manage to find a silver lining.”

Complimenting her eyes and smile is great, but when you overlook that and praise her personality, that is when she knows you are the real deal.

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#4 Do Not Compliment Body Parts

While learning how to compliment, it is essential you know the things not to do. For instance, do not ever compliment a body part. Your intentions might be good, but they will come out as crass. Unless you are talking about their eyes or smile, body parts are off-limits. Imagine how horrible you will sound if you happen to blurt out, “your butt looks amazing in these jeans.” Instead, go for, “I love your jeans.” The message will be received loud and clear, and it won’t sound vulgar either.

#5 Don’t Overdo

When you compliment your girlfriend or boyfriend, never exaggerate. They will pick up on it, and your efforts will go to waste. For instance, don’t tell your GF that she is looking absolutely beautiful when she knows she is having a bad hair day. Instead, you might want to tell her how you love her no matter what. 

And when you are complimenting your date, exaggeration can be the death of complimenting. It will just end up making you seem desperate. He knows he is not the best looker in the world. Why fake it by praising his looks? Point out how great his oratory skill is or how smart he is, and appreciate that. It sounds much better and genuine.

If you are looking for how to compliment your girlfriend or boyfriend, try these on for size:

  • Your sense of humor is off the charts.
  • You are prettier than you know.
  • You make me a better person.
  • My life is better with you in it.
  • You have an amazing fashion sense.
  • You let me be myself with you.
  • Thank you for being with me.

Final Words

Complimenting is tricky, but it is no rocket science, and when you meet the right person, the extra effort is worth it. Follow the above-mentioned tips, and there’s a good chance you will get it right. 

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