10 Surprise Date Ideas For Him & Her

Surprise Date Ideas

Dates are great, but do you know what’s even better? Surpize dates! If your relationship has become a little mundane over the years, or you are simply looking to spice things up, try planning a surprise date for BAE. When did you last go out of your way to do something extra special for your partner? I am sure they can use a little bit of pampering. Read on to find some unique surprise date ideas for him & her. 

How to plan a surprise date?

  • Plan everything beforehand.
  • Make sure your date idea is well aligned with your partner’s interests.
  • Make sure it does not clash with any other important events.
  • Schedule it perfectly.
  • Make sure to suggest your partner the appropriate attire for the date. 

#1 Restaurant Hopping

Are you guys foodies? Who isn’t? Take your significant other on a spontaneous restaurant-hopping experience. If you are in a long-term relationship, you certainly have a favorite restaurant, and I am confident you have their menu memorized. Ditch the regular scenes and try something different. Experience new cuisines even if you aren’t sure if you’ll like them. That’s the whole point. Relationships can become too routine after a few years. Bringing in the element of surprise, trying new things together, feeling giddy, and even feeling anxious is the best way to keep it fresh even after an eternity of togetherness. 

#2 Watch The Sunset

We get not everyone is a morning person. Here’s a fitting idea for all you late risers; watch the sunset with your significant other. There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sky turn different shades of red and orange.

How do you execute it?

  • Find the perfect spot to watch the sunset.
  • Ask your partner on a date 
  • Tell them the time but don’t reveal the location
  • Pick them up from home.
  • Don’t forget to pack some coffee or tea in a flask, two cups, and some snacks.
  • Take them to the spot and surprise; you have the perfect date. 

It’s budget-friendly too. 

#3 Night Drive

Among other surprise date ideas for her, taking her out for a night drive sounds like the perfect one. Find a restaurant that serves the best food and is open all night. Take the highway; there’s something magical about driving on straight highways at night. Put on some calm and romantic music. Or you can pack up some home-cooked meal, drive her to your favorite spot, lay a blanket, and have a perfect midnight picnic. 

#4 Projector Movie Date

Yes, yes, movie nights are very ‘been there, done that’ now. Let’s take this up a notch, shall we? Get a projector; ideally, rent one or borrow it from a friend. If you don’t have a white wall, you can hang a white sheet. Get your favorite movie, popcorn of different flavors, a supply of fast food, and don’t forget some drinks, soft or hard, whichever your BAE prefers. Call your girlfriend home for a movie night and see the surprise on her face when she sees the grand setup. This might as well be the best surprise date you can plan for your partner.

#5 Try Street Food

There’s nothing better than street food, and we are blessed with a myriad of options on that front. Among surprise date ideas for him, hopping from one street food stall to another with your BAE sounds like a really good option. Take a break from your regular restaurants and cafes and try out some delicious street food with the love of your life. A steaming cup of chai with some soulful conversation and a side of samosa sounds like the perfect date ever.

#6 Visit a Planetarium

How about you share a romantic moment with your girlfriend under the stars? But if you live in a city, having such a moment seems like a dream that most likely will continue to be a dream. But wait, we have one of the most perfect surprise date ideas for her that will also help make this dream come true- Planetarium! Book a show at your nearest planetarium and confess your love under millions of stars!

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#7 Go On A Hike

For adventure seekers, does going on a hike with BAE sounds good? Here’s how you pull it off-

  • Pick the perfect date. Ideally Saturday. 
  • Pick the perfect trail to hike. Not too tough, not too easy. 
  • Make sure your trail has a good sunset spot.
  • Call your BAE the day before and ask them to pack their bag for a surprise, and don’t disclose the plan. 

If your partner loves adventures, they will appreciate the effort. And hikes are one of the best ways to reconnect with your partner and reinvent your relationship. 

#8 Go Kayaking

Your boyfriend doesn’t love hiking but loves adventure sports? Here’s one of the best surprise date ideas for himtry kayaking. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s beginner friendly. Experiencing new activities together is the perfect way to bring back the spark in a relationship and make new memories. 

#9 Surprise Visit

For long-distance couples, nothing is better than a surprise visit. Research a little bit on the prime attractions of the city, the best restaurants, and things to do, and finally, surprise him by taking him out on a date. Your partner will be more than happy that you dropped by, and on top, you would be really showing them how much they mean to you by putting in the effort to learn everything about their place. 

#10 Amusement Park

What’s more amusing than going on a date in an amusement park? You have already experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in your relationship; how about experiencing a real rollercoaster with BAE? I promise it will be fun. Get in touch with your inner child and have a delightful date with your partner. Try out all the scary rides together and see how the bond strengthens.


Contrary to popular belief, planning a date does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. These surprise date ideas for him & her are not just fail-safe but also budget-friendly. A date does not have to be lavish; even a simple date can make your partner feel special. It’s the thought and effort that counts. So how are you planning to spoil your BAE?

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