5 Low Key Date Ideas For Young Couples

Low Key Date Ideas For Young Couples

Who says dates have to be over the top? It does not always have to be so hard. You don’t have to put on a ton of makeup, slip into the perfect dress, or get a tux and pick up your girl from their home. Some dates can be prepped for in a more laid-back and relaxed manner, and do you know something? Those are the best kind of dates. Keep reading to find some of the most intriguing low key date ideas ever.

Whether you are too tired after a hectic week at work or you are experiencing a sudden money crunch, these fun and easy date ideas will surely help you with any tricky situation. Guys and girls prepping for your first date, pay heed if you don’t want to get all riled up and overwhelmed trying to pull off the perfect date. 

#1 Ice Cream Date

All you daters who have finally scored the first-ever date, hear me out. You might want to take your date to a fancy restaurant or buy an expensive bouquet, thinking it will impress your date. But all it will do is burn a big hole in your wallet. Dates are more about getting to know each other in a comfortable space. Instead of going all out at once, try to mellow it down. Overdoing is not always the best approach. Among the best low key first date ideas, taking your date out for ice cream sounds like a perfect plan. It’s sweet, mostly everyone loves ice cream, it’s not messy, and most importantly, it’s neither expensive nor a tricky task to find a dine-in that sells ice cream. Hurry to your nearest ice cream shop and try out different flavors. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, take your date out for a gelato. It’s fancy yet simple, the perfect blend for a first date. Do you know what makes it the best date idea ever? If things start getting awkward or you two are not enjoying the date, quickly finish your ice cream and head home. It’s not a three-course dinner that you’re obliged to complete slowly, with awkward silence hanging in the air.

#2 Art Gallery Visit

More on low key first date ideas– how does strolling lazily in an art gallery with BAE sound? Romantic, right? Get on the internet and find the best art gallery near you. If you are very fluent in it, make sure to do your research before your date. Knowing a few names and a few art forms will suffice. You are not claiming to be an artist yourself, and you certainly don’t have to be one to appreciate art. Later, if things turn out well between the two of you, you can find a cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee. The entire plan is subdued and mellow, leaving enough room for you two to explore each other and get to know one another at a deeper level.

#3 Netflix and Chill?

Wait, no. When I say Netflix and Chill, that’s exactly what I mean. No hanky panky. Here’s a POV for you- you have had the most hectic week of your life, with meeting after meeting and a ton of deadlines. You didn’t even have time to call your significant other, yet they were understanding. It’s the weekend, and it is about time you show your gratitude. But you are still hungover from the rush of the week. What do you do? Not much. Pick the latest release, buy a ton of popcorn, order fast food, and set some blankets on the floor. You and BAE can Netflix and Chill while you enjoy each other’s company. Once you pull this off, you won’t go searching for any other low key date night ideas.

#4 Visit a Bookstore Together

If you and your date are avid readers, or even one of you, especially your date, go for a date in a bookstore. Even better, choose a bookstore cafe. Whether you are a book nerd or not, reading together, strolling on streets surrounded by books, or simply sitting in a cafe that offers you a chance to pick a book and read while you sip on your piping hot coffee is romantic. It is one of the perfect low key date ideas for bibliophiles and even introverts who do not prefer a crowded setup. A person’s favorite book, or even their favorite genre tells a lot about their personality. 

#5 Chai Date

Forget coffee dates and cafes. Nothing can beat an Indian and their love for tea. Your search for low key date ideas ends here with a chai date. Take BAE to a roadside tea stall, of course, the hygienic one. If it’s monsoon then the rain hitting the ground, the smell of it, piping hot tea, and some snack makes the perfect combo for the perfect date. Get to know each other over your shared love for a good cup of tea. And here’s the best part- it won’t leave a big hole in your purse, and nor will you have to rake your brain to find the best tea spot. If you want to go a little fancier, take your date to a cafe, but let me assure you that no coffee and no latte will ever hold a candle in front of our kadak chai.

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Final Words

Remember, you don’t have to look your best or spend a fortune to have the time of your life with BAE. The effort and thoughts you put into planning a date count more than how expensive and fancy the said date is; if your partner does not value that, maybe they are not the one. But also make note of one thing- merely because your partner appreciates the little things you do, does not mean you will start taking them for granted and stop trying to make them feel special with occasional grand gestures. And the times you feel too tired to plan anything, try out these low key date ideas. 

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