10 Tips on How To Express Your Feelings To Someone You Love

How To Express Your Feelings To Someone You Love

Do you know what requires the highest amount of courage in life? It is when you have to walk up to the person you fancy and confess your love for them. If you have been feeling scared, wondering how to express your feelings to someone you love, fret not; you have company. After all, real life often does not play out as they show in rom-coms; you can’t just get hopped up on alcohol and run to your crush and admit your feelings to them. The entire process requires a lot of guts, and that seems to go missing precisely when you fall in love. I mean, haven’t you said, “I Love You” in your mind a hundred times, and when the moment came to say it out loud to your crush, you backed out? I mean, people say the three magical words all the time in a relationship. Then why is it so difficult to utter these three words in front of your crush for the first time? Maybe it is the pressure of making the moment perfect or not sounding too eager or cliched that makes you sweat profusely when the time comes. Whatever the reason is, today, we will figure out a way to help you.

We have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks that will help you express your feelings to someone you love. Look, you have won half the battle by finding the perfect person to fall in love with; the other half is admitting these feelings to the person. Even if you have been dating someone for a while now and are struggling to find the perfect way to express your love, these tips will help you.

 #1 Hugs and Kisses

Who says that you have to express your feelings to someone you love only with words? Gestures can do wonders. A long and tight hug is a good enough indication that you love or care deeply for someone, especially if you have been dating that person for a while. A bear hug from your BAE can make you forget all your worries. Imagine if it can melt your stress, it can certainly speak your feelings for them without having to move one muscle in your mouth.

The same goes for kisses. A peck on the cheek to your date is a clear sign that you have romantic feelings for them. So, the next time you go on a date, give them a peck on the cheek when you meet them first, and hug them goodbye. Let it be known, as loudly as physically possible, that you love them.

#2 Random Texts

One of the best ways to express your feelings to someone you love is to drop them a text; do it randomly but timed to perfection. For instance, you always end your conversation with a cute closing statement like, “till we speak again,” “bye love,” or the usual “I Love You.” These are all regulars, but when you drop them a text right before a stressful interview and tell them they have your support no matter what happens, that speaks on a different level. It is even better, especially when they were not expecting to see something so sweet early in the morning.

So the next time your date is going for an exam or has a presentation to make in the office, leave them a loved-up and supportive text “randomly.” Nothing will speak your feelings louder than this.

 #3 “I Am There”

Did you know human beings feel closest to the ones who are there for them in times of need? For instance, most people share the firmest bonds with their parents and spouse; why? These are the people who are, more often than not, there for us in any given situation.

When you let your date or crush know, repeatedly, that you are there for them whenever they are in need, you are doing a good enough job of expressing your feelings for them. Let’s say your date had a bad day at work, and they share the same with you over text; what do you say? You say, “Can I do something to cheer you up?” or, “Hey, I understand. I am there for you.” These words are the perfect substitute for “I Love You.” Sometimes, it can be even better to hear a supportive statement than the regular, old I love you. 

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#4 Show Them Respect 

People often don’t understand that love and respect go hand in hand. You can’t say you love someone while you have no respect for that person. For instance, some couples claim to love one another but, at the same time, abuse each other verbally in times of conflict. No matter how many times movies show that abuse is a part of love, it will not make it the truth or the right approach.

One of the best ways to express your feelings to someone you love is to show them their due respect. It is a feeling greater than love. While love settles down with time, the respect that you share for each other will shoulder your relationship till the end. 

How can you express it?

  • Tell your crush or date that you respect how hard they work.
  • When you see your partner remain calm in the face of stress, express, in words, that you respect their demeanor.
  • Find the traits that you admire in your partner, and tell them how you respect the same or respect them for being the person they are.

It is not rocket science; all it takes is a little bit of conscious effort. 

#5 Love Letters 

In case you have been wondering how to express your feelings in words, what better way than to write a love letter? Or maybe a love note will suffice. It can be a task, but wouldn’t you do this much for the one true love of your life? 

  • Leave them a sweet love-letter-style email. Let it be an official confirmation of your love for them.
  • Leave sticky notes filled up with the reasons you are so in love with your boyfriend.
  • Texts, but in a long letter format. Love Texts! 

#6 Let Them Know You Understand Them

We all want to feel understood. So, the next time you want to express your love without saying it out loud, you can tell them you understand them. For instance, when your husband tells you how frustrating the traffic is in the morning, instead of advising him to leave early, say, “I understand.” More often than not, people share their experiences to feel that someone understands them; rarely anyone tells you about their hardships looking for advice.

#7 Listen To Them

Feeling heard is a supreme feeling. If you love someone, you should be the person to make them feel heard. For instance, when your girlfriend tells you all about how her friends have been making plans without her, listen; don’t just pretend and nod. She already knows you can’t do anything about it, but it still feels good to share the same with someone.

When you lend your ear to someone, even when you have a lot of work piled up, it is the clearest signal that you love them.

#8 Food 

What’s the guaranteed direct path to anyone’s heart? Food! If you want to show someone that you love them, send them food or, even better, cook them their favorites. 

  • You can make your partner breakfast in bed to show them how much you love them.
  • You can bake them a cake or mini cupcakes and leave them on the kitchen counter with a cute love note.
  • You can cook them their favorite childhood food.
  • You can order from their favorite restaurant and surprise them.
  • A thoroughly planned date at a fancy restaurant is an excellent way of telling how much you value your partner. 

#9 Tell Them You Are Grateful 

Do you feel lucky to have your partner in your life? If so, why don’t you say it out loud? It’s the perfect way to express love. We often take the people we love for granted even if they mean the world to us. So, the next time your partner cooks for you or does your laundry, thank them and mention how grateful you are to have them in your life. We all want to be acknowledged and appreciated. 

#10 I Love You 

While we exhausted all other options, the greatest way of expressing your love for someone is to say the simple yet powerful three words, “I love you.” It sounds too easy, but the reality is far from it. In a long-term relationship, even if you love your partner just as much as you loved them the day you proposed, saying I love you might be something you often forget to do. It requires consciously reminding yourself; you cannot believe the power of these three magical words.

If you are crushing on someone or dating them, follow some of the above-mentioned tips before you say these magical words. But the ultimate way to confirm your feelings is to say the words out loud, though they mean nothing without accompanying gestures that support your statement.

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