Love Advice When You’re Dating An Introvert

Love Advice When You're Dating An Introvert

Every relationship comes with its own style. Dating an introverted person is no more challenging than dating anyone else. At the most, it can be a bit different, especially if you are an extrovert. Anytime you decide to get in a relationship with someone, it will come with some sets of complications. And how do you get over it? You get to know the person and who they are at their very core.

Contrary to popular belief, dating an introvert does not mean you have to sacrifice having fun. Give up on the extrovert superiority and accept that your way is not the only way of dating or having fun.

In this article, we have made an attempt to jot down some vital tips to date an introvert and enjoy your journey with your partner.

1. Make The First Move!

Not all introverts are shy, but some certainly are. If the person you want to date is one of them, don’t wait for them to make the first move. It might take a long time or might not happen as well. Ask them out yourself.

An introverted person might try to approach you and ask you out on a date but end up feeling awkward. So look out for the subtle signs and hints they drop and reach out to them. But if they seem uncomfortable, don’t force it.

2. Enough With The Small Talks!

Hear me out; introverts hate small talk. Whether you match with an introverted person through a dating app or meet them at your favorite library, please cut out the chit-chat. Instead, start a full-fledged conversation about anything relevant.

Talking about the weather is the weatherman’s work. Discuss a new movie or a new book. But idle talk is not an introvert’s forte.

3. Accept Them, Don’t Try To Change Them.

We often hear that two people have parted ways because one felt that the other was trying to change them. While dating an introvert, try not to be judgemental of how they are as a person. Accept they are demure and acknowledge that it is not wrong; it’s just different from how you are. Try not to force your partner to change who they are and put them in uncomfortable situations.

Your introverted partner has a lot to offer in the relationship. They teach you how to slow down and introspect. Appreciate that. And I am sure they are eager to learn things from the way you live and handle life.

4. Don’t Misread Their Silence.

There are too many incidents where people complain about an introverted person remaining silent during a conversation. The best tip you will receive is not to take your partner’s silence personally. They need some time to be alone and reenergize.

Your introverted partner or date might not even want to spend every day together. That surely does not mean they are not interested in you. They crave solitude at times.

If you are dating an introvert, there will be times when they won’t give you every detail of their life. Don’t jump to conclusions once that happens. Introverts are more inclined toward keeping things to themselves. Be patient, and again, don’t take it personally.

5. Low-key Dates Are The Way To Go!

Introverts usually don’t love a large crowd or doing things in public settings. Setting up low-key dates where the two of you can be alone, and spend quality time together away from prying eyes, is the best way to impress your introverted partner.

Tickets to a concert or a group outing with ten of your friends are not exactly ideal for an introvert. These situations might even induce anxiety in them. Private dining at the new restaurant or star-gazing from the comfort of your backyard is right up an introvert’s alley.

6. Don’t Rush Them To Open Up.

Introverts take their sweet time opening up to someone. When dating an introvert, do not force or rush them to tell you everything about themselves or lay bare their hearts.

Don’t misinterpret this trait of an introvert as poor communication skills. Unlike extroverts, introverts are more guarded about their feelings. Not everyone can wear their hearts on their sleeves.

7. Find A Balance

Having balance is fundamental in every relationship. Communicate your needs to your partner and find things that you will enjoy together regardless of your nature.

While you might want to hang out with your friends and partner in a social setting, your introvert partner wants to spend the weekend reading novels. Your definition of fun differs. Try to work towards striking a balance between socialization and solitude.

Final Words

Whether you are dating an introvert or an extrovert like yourself, no two are the same. You have to put some amount of effort into any relationship. Getting to know the person you are dating is also crucial. While navigating a relationship with an introvert, you may have to put a little more work into it. But it’s all worth it when you have found the one!

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