5 Advantages Women Have While Flirting With A Match

If you have ever been on a dating app, that is, if you have not been living under a rock, you’d know as much as it offers you to find your BAE from the comfort of your home; it is no easy feat. Dating involves set rules; for example, you should ideally have mutual interests to match with someone. It is just the beginning of the list of unspoken formalities while choosing your potential soulmate from fellow online daters. Once you pass them all or at least check 70% of the list, you move on to wooing your match.

Up until this part, the playing field is pretty even in the game of finding love. When it comes to flirting your way into someone’s heart, or in simpler terms, wooing your match to get a date and maybe something more permanent in the future, women have an undue advantage. I mean, is it really excessive, though? Women are far more graceful and let’s not even go into who looks better. 

Anyways, on a more neutral note, let’s discuss why women have an added advantage. This sudden shift of power dynamics must be difficult for men to grasp, given that they have unwarranted favor in every other field.

Traditionally, men make the first move. But that’s a thing of the past now. If the man is worth the effort, women are open to taking charge. Recent surveys show women are dominating the virtual dating world. We do keep hearing women have an edge over men in the online dating world, but what are those, anyway? 

Let’s find out:

Advantage No. One: Women Get Comparatively More Attention Than Men

Survey shows that 45% of women often don’t initiate a conversation with their matches. Reason? Women inherently get more attention than men, making them passive. Women receive 65% more first messages than any man on an online dating platform.

If you are a woman using an online dating app to find love, you know how many messages you sift through per day, and if my reader happens to be a man, surprise. You have to work really hard to stand out in the sea of texts a woman gets every day.

Even when it comes to getting matches, women are far ahead in the race. It can easily be because men tend to like almost every profile they come across; statistics say the same, not sexism. Some of them are sincere. But mostly, the plan is to like as many profiles as possible, increasing the chances of getting a match as soon as possible. It’s a simple case of probability. 

Women tend to be pickier. They have a longer checklist compared to men. 

Another primary reason for women getting more attention than men is that most dating apps don’t have an equal ratio of male and female users, with females usually being on the lower side. 

Advantage No. Two: Women Get Better Responses

We spoke about men sending out more first messages than women. Now, coming to the second advantage, women send less yet get more responses. For instance, remember the ten girls you contacted last week? How many responded? But that one girl who texted you a simple hi sent you over the moon. 

When a woman sends out a first message, the ball is still in her court. Not only is it in her court, everything changes in her favor. The percentage of responses to first messages from women to men is dramatically higher. Women get 3x more replies than men. That is owing to the fact that men tend to respond to almost every message they receive, putting women in a more advantageous position while flirting online.

For men, they might get a text back, but with no assurance that it will turn into a meaningful conversation. The effort : result ratio is quite in favor of women when it comes to flirting online. Women sending out first messages not only almost guarantee a reply, but it also secures their chances of meeting someone far more attractive than their ex.

Advantage No. Three: It’s Women’s Choice

If you are a woman navigating the online dating world, you should know it now- You are at an advantage. Do not settle.

Not only do women get more messages, but they also have a better chance of matching with someone out of their league. When women send out a match request, the odds are mostly in their favor. For instance, out of five potential matches, a woman usually lands at least four, if not five on five. It is not quite as fruitful for men. Our survey shows that an average man sends out almost seven requests per day, getting only two matches approximately. 

Men would enjoy getting a little more attention than they are presently being offered. Women, please note. Anyways, the odds are in your favor. 

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Advantage No. Four: Women Can Say or Do Almost Anything And Still Get Better Results.

Before men start with their anti-feminist slogans, let me tell you this one thing: statistically, women are known to be a lot less abusive than men. A lot is literally a lot. That is exactly why women can get away with saying most things while flirting, while men will be held accountable.

Let’s make a list of instances:

  • First message: A woman can compliment a man on his look without seeming shallow. Why? It is the general tone of how women praise compared to men. And the basic nature of women is to be appreciative and nurturing; it’s a known fact. Even compliments on your looks sound better when a woman does it.

How many times has a woman sent you crass texts? The answer is most probably zero. There’s your reason for why women can say things men can’t while flirting.

  • Profile Picture: Would you want to match with a woman if her Profile Picture is only showing her toned back and no face? The answer, if we are being honest, is yes for most men. The plan is to land a woman. Men have less fear of being catfished and taken advantage of, than women. But a woman would hardly ever match with a man who is not showing his face in the display image. It stems from safety concerns but ends with giving women some advantage while picking a picture for their profile.
  • Bio: Let’s just say, men have to put in a lot of effort to make themselves stand out in the crowd of daters. The proverbial dating field is overcrowded by men compared to women. Women tend to stand out on account of their gender alone. 41% of men don’t read a woman’s bio before intending to match with them, while it plays a big role when a woman decides to connect with a man. 

Advantage No. Five: With a Wider Pool of Suitors, Come Greater Chances Of Finding True Love

Why are we here? I mean, in the online dating world? The initial plan was to use the platform to find you your soulmate, wasn’t it? You might have gotten diverted from that path after repeated rejections, but that was the plan.

The ultimate advantage women have over men is the fact that they have a better chance of finding true love and also at a faster pace. How? Their pool of suitors is much wider than a man’s. If fifteen men are courting one woman, it only makes sense that one will turn out to be her prince charming. If not forever, at least for a considerable amount of time to call it a meaningful relationship.

For men, it doesn’t work the same way. You are one of those fifteen men courting one woman. And chances are, you will be her “the one” on your tenth attempt. The point is, dating and flirting do not work the same for men and women. The factors causing it is nothing to be proud of, mostly. 


Women have been forever suppressed to follow their heart’s desire. And most of these advantages stem from the sheer fact that there is a lesser number of women in the virtual dating world than there are men. 

While to men, women having an edge over them might seem like a privilege, if you take a good look into the reasons, it mostly points to society’s oppressive approach to a woman and her freedom.

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