A Guide On How To Get A Girlfriend: Here Are 10 Tips

A Guide On How To Get A Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend? If I saved a penny every time I heard a guy say this or think the same, I’d be a millionaire today. Everywhere I turn, men are asking the same question, and it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to have someone in their life to love, and who would love them back? But the dilemma here is, how? How exactly can you find a girlfriend? From the number of single men looking to find their soulmate, it seems like no one has the way to a girl’s heart figured out yet.

It’s alright. You have got time, and we have got the answers; oh, and no, it’s not one of those “just do it” and “be more confident” types of obvious advice that we have lined up for you. We have something better. We will help you take proactive steps to find a girlfriend and find her soon.

But first, let’s see why you couldn’t find yourself a girlfriend for so long.

  • You are not trying as much as you should: I mean, finding a girlfriend is not shopping online; you like someone and decide to have her.
  • You never go out: Sitting at home and dreaming about having someone to love does not exactly work out. 
  • Focused on your career: It’s nice that you concentrate on career growth, but too much of it can be the reason you can’t find a girlfriend.
  • You don’t want to make a move: People can be lazy sometimes. You are not necessarily consciously lazy, but you are subconsciously waiting for the girl to make the first move.
  • You are being needy: Desperately looking to make a girlfriend and proposing to whoever smiles at you can be a turn-off for most women.
  • You no longer care for yourself: Personal care and hygiene are essential when you are looking to find a date. No girl wants to date a shabby guy with uncombed hair and wearing old unwashed clothes.
  • You don’t love yourself: You can never find “true love” if you don’t truly love yourself.

Now that we have uncovered some of the reasons why you might not be getting the girl, let’s fix these and get you a girlfriend soon. 

#1 Work On Yourself 

Most men are in the habit of blaming women for rejecting them but seldom do they realize that the fault lies in them. I am not saying you have to be perfect to get a girlfriend, but putting in the minimum effort to look good and act smart is the least you can do for the girl you fancy.

So, the next time you are looking for a date:

  • Comb your hair.
  • Put on fresh and ironed clothes.
  • Wear proper shoes that match your outfit.
  • Act and talk decently.
  • Pursue your passion; it gives you talking points about yourself.
  • Get a hobby.

The goal is to look and feel attractive enough for any girl to want you. Don’t just fake it; make your life so rich with experience that you really turn out to be the most intriguing man any woman has met. And yes, it can’t hurt to look the part. 

#2 Stop trying Too Hard 

Desperation is not a good look on anyone. Don’t look at every woman with a motive to make her your girlfriend. Every date does not have to end in a relationship. Learn to have fun. Interact to know instead of turning it into a mission to make a girlfriend out of the woman you are interacting with; it does not help anyone, especially not you.  

Did you know women love the chase almost as much as men? If you are constantly showing interest in her, she might not turn around and look at you. But the moment you act like you don’t care, you will have her attention. Women love being pursued, but it is also a balancing act. Do it a tad too much, and you will be taken for granted.  

The next time you fancy a woman, give her all your attention but also challenge her to earn that attention from you by occasionally ignoring her. Trust me; it works. It’s all about balance.

#3 Get Noticed 

How do you get a girlfriend? Get noticed by the girl you fancy. But how? Physical appearance comes into play here. No, we are all not naturally buffed and handsome like some guys who seem to be blessed with good looks. But you can very well improve your appearance with some minor changes. For instance, trim the unruly beard; you are not a hermit. Stop looking like one. Wear fitted clothes, and body spray or mist couldn’t hurt. Wear a statement watch, or maybe some shades. You have to stand out among the sea of men trying to woo your crush. Stand out, but in a good way. 

#4 Step Out Of Your Home 

One of the top tips on how to find a girlfriend is to step outside your home. Get out of your comfort zone. Those video games can wait, but the girl you have been crushing on since your school days will not. Before you know it, some other guy will sweep her off her feet. So, get out and interact. 

If you still don’t have anyone you particularly fancy, here are some things you can do:

  • Hang out in places where the girls are; malls seem like the perfect spot.
  • Attend social events like parties, concerts, marches, and more. You can join a gym or a club and try meeting women from there. 

#5 Dating Apps 

People struggling to find a girlfriend have often found their answer in online dating apps. It’s fun, it’s efficient, and it lets you find love from the comfort of your home. Dating apps can be the perfect start for you. You will be spoilt for choices, so you better have your criteria sorted out if you don’t want to waste your time and others.

Here’s how you find a girlfriend on a dating app:

  • Find an app that caters to your needs; for instance, you are looking for a relationship, so a dating app with more users inclined toward having an exclusive relationship will work well for you. Do your research and find your perfect fit.
  • Choose a display image that shows your face clearly, and make sure to upload a recently clicked picture.
  • Write a bio that is 30% about you and 70% about the partner you want.
  • Match with people who seem to be sharing your likes and interests.
  • Chat and get to know them.
  • Go on an in-person date with the woman who seems to be the perfect one among all the matches. 

#6 Compliments Work 

Are you out of ideas on how to find a girlfriend? Let’s say you have found the perfect girl; how do you woo her enough to make her your girlfriend? Compliments work like a charm on women. But not the fake ones where you barely look at her and announce that her dress is beautiful. Genuine compliments that are a mix of her physical appearance and inner beauty are the ones that really work. For instance, if you tell her she’s beautiful, it might sound okayish, but when you tell her that you think she is as beautiful inside as she is outside, now that’s saying something. 

#7 Listen 

Women have been forever tagged as the more talkative of the two sexes, but is anyone really listening to them? There’s nothing a woman loves more than a person who lends her an ear. She has genuine problems, and you might be just brushing them off as nonsensical blabbers. The next time the girl you fancy tells you something, listen. Don’t just pretend. That will give you a free and faster ride to her heart. 

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#8 Ask Her Out 

I know you are risking rejection by asking her out, but you will never know if she will say yes or no if you don’t ask. So, ask! The worst that can happen is she says no. But do you know what’s the best that can happen? She says yes, you have a great time on the date, and you finally have a real shot at making her your girlfriend. 

#9 Manners  

Let’s assume you have already got that date with the girl of your dreams. There are things you have to keep in mind if you want to make her your girlfriend:

  • Manners are essential. Pull out the chair for her in the restaurant.
  • Let her pick the food.
  • Offer to pay, but do not force if she insists on splitting the bill.
  • Put in the effort to look good.
  • Do not talk about controversial topics such as religion, politics, etc.
  • No ex-talks and work-talks. 

#10 Be Yourself

In the pursuit of finding yourself a girlfriend, don’t stop being yourself. The best of us sometimes alters our personalities to impress the people we fancy. That is not the right approach if you are looking for a girlfriend and a genuine relationship.

Be yourself. Let the woman you love know the real you, and love you back for who you are. If you don’t show your true face, she will never be comfortable enough to let her guard down, and it is essential for people to be vulnerable while falling in love. Give her that chance; give yourself that chance.

Final Words

If you have someone special in mind, it’s time you start taking proactive steps toward wooing her and making her your girlfriend because you will never know when it’s too late. If you are single and have yet to find the perfect woman, the above-mentioned guide can help you get a girlfriend. If not, it will at least help you get started and have some fun.

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