Ways Of Finding The Perfect Match Online – Your Soulmate Is At Your Fingertips

Ways Of Finding The Perfect Match Online

More and more people are using online dating apps to find perfect match and their soulmates. If you are single and looking for love in every nook and corner, you can try online dating. It is not all that different from its traditional counterpart, besides the proverbial dating field being over-crowded with daters or players, whatever you will. Survey shows that two out of seven relationships start online.

While there is no magic recipe to find your true love in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the perfect match online. But there must be some trick you can follow to make that one shot that gets you the person of your dreams. We are going to talk about those same tricks here today. But before that, there are some key points to cover. 

There is a sea of people in the online dating world. But why?

  • It gives you a chance to know your perfect match before you meet in person. I mean, we have all watched a series of crime documents; going on a date with an absolute stranger can end up terribly. Not always, but there’s a chance. 
  • Virtual dating also offers you anonymity, and it is best for introverts. You can interact with your person of interest from behind the safety of a screen; what more can you want?
  • Entertaining! You have the love of your life at the tip of your finger. It is almost like online shopping, only for love. You can do some window shopping too if you catch my drift.
  • What about the comfort part of online dating? You no longer need to beg your friends to hook you up with someone. You sign up, find people who are interesting and likely to find you intriguing, and voila, you have a date. Where else would you get to meet the one from the comfort of your home? You can even take your time to draft the perfect questions and answers that will make you seem so fascinating. I would suggest you not fake yourself, but whom are we kidding? Everyone does it initially before they realize what a mess it is.

The perks of online dating are many, but it does not come without its own set of vices. For starters, you can feel like a needle in a haystack. Worse, your soulmate might be feeling the same way making it harder for you to seek them out. Thankfully, we are here to make your life a tad bit easier, helping you with tricks and tips that will get you closer to your perfect match in no time.

Rule No. 1: Find a Dating App That Specifically Caters To Your Needs

What does that mean? Okay, let me explain. You do know that every dating app has its specialties, don’t you? It might not have started that way, but with time, each dating app gets a reputation. For instance, some apps are known for hook-ups and casual flings. You will rarely find anyone looking for a sincere relationship on those sites. Some other dating apps cater specifically to people looking for long-term relationships. Daters looking for something more casual would not think of signing up for those apps, and why would they? 

Let’s make a list; lists put everything in perspective:

  • Hook-up apps: It’s one of those dating apps that are famous among daters looking for casual flings or a one-time thing sort of a setup. If you are looking to find your soulmate, you won’t find them here. Or I hope you won’t. Some people make the grave mistake of signing up for these apps, looking for something serious. They do get a match, but it isn’t exactly what they hoped to find. It usually ends up in heartbreak.
  • Apps for exclusive relationships: These dating apps are for people looking to get into a sincere relationship that will offer a solid future. You will find more detailed bios and some other evident characteristics showing these people are looking for long-term relationships.

Most dating apps don’t start with the intention of being a hookup app or being the torch bearer of the long-term dating category, but it gains that reputation with time. 

How will you understand which is which?

  • Spending some time on the internet researching different dating apps should do the trick.
  • You can ask your friends who have been using online dating apps for a while.
  • You can sign up for an app and scroll through some profiles. If most bios say “looking for something real,” it is evident that it’s not for casual flings.
  • You can always try your luck in both. Let your mistakes guide you to the perfect app.

Rule No. 2: Write An Impressive Bio to find perfect match

Yes, it sounds so unoriginal. Everyone says, “write an engaging bio.” Well, if everyone’s saying so, there must be some truth to it.

Your bio can seriously make or break your game. How?

Let’s say, you wrote a fascinating piece talking about all the great things that you have done in life. You should get a shower of matches, shouldn’t you? Then why aren’t you? Maybe you sounded like a narcissist who loves to brag about their perfect little life, or you forgot to mention what you are looking for in your partner. You can say all the glamorous things in the world, but people will only match with you when they see they have what you want.

The point is- your bio has to be a perfect mix of fascinating things about yourself and things that you would want in your partner, all the while being as down-to-earth as possible. 

70% of the time, we talk about your needs: honesty, loyalty, looking for an exclusive relationship, ambitions in life, and whatever you have on your checklist. The realistic ones, please.

30% of the bio should talk about you: This is where you talk about your interests, hobbies, grand achievements, and more.

What not to do?

Do not google “best bios” and copy that blindly. It might be one of the best but, at the same time, not at all suited for your personality.

The idea is to make yourself stand out in the crowd of daters with your unique bio.

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Rule No. 3: Impressive First Message

Let’s face facts; you are just a needle in a haystack. How do we make you stand out with your first message?

  • Do not write a simple hi. While that can be effective once in a while, if your match is tired of the cheesy pickup lines and finds your simplicity adorable, it is more often than not overlooked.
  • Make your first message unique. For instance, you can take a line from their bio and focus on that in your first message. It goes to show that you have gone through it carefully and did not just send a random text.
  • Chuck the corny pickup lines. They are tacky, and they are over. 
  • Don’t send the same message to everyone. The one-size-fits-all tactic might work for some things, but it does not work while seeking a perfect match.
  • Individually tailored messages have a much higher chance of being read. When you write to your match about how you find it so interesting that they love a particular tv show, it shows that there’s some shared interest between you two. Also, the same message won’t work for someone who probably did not mention anything about a tv show.
  • Did you know a humorous first message has a lesser chance of being ignored? If you have even one funny bone in your body, use that to your advantage. Forget general knowledge; humor is the best way to showcase your wit.

Rule No. 4: Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

If you think you will meet your true love on the very first day you join an app, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. 

While the wide pool of daters in the online dating world offers you a variety of options to choose from, it also spoils you. It can set unrealistic expectations.

Of course, you will have a list of things that you would want in your partner, but if you choose to stick too closely to the list, you might be limiting your chances. Don’t expect to find a person who will check every quality that you have added to your mile-long list. Try to be more realistic and open; it is quite possible that your soulmate does not have six-pack abs.

It is amazing that you know your worth, but if you are too picky, not only will you lose some opportunities, but with time, you might not want to commit to anyone at all.


Dating is tricky, and finding the perfect match is trickier. But these four tricks might get you one step closer to your soulmate. Even if it doesn’t, it will certainly get you some good dates. The road leading up to true love should be fun too.

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