5 Tips For A Strong Relationship

5 Tips For A Strong Relationship

How to make a relationship strong? Is love enough to keep  it afloat? I am guessing you have searched it and found the answer to be NO. Hence, the follow-up questions. But if love can’t cut it, what else will? Love is the foundation block of a relationship, but it requires more effort than just the mere feeling.

Who doesn’t want a healthy and happy relationship, and let’s not forget long-lasting? We all have that one picture-perfect relationship in mind; maybe it’s inspired by your parent’s bond with each other or your best friend and their partner, or even some random movie couple that inspired you over the ages. Whomsoever it is, trust me, they did not get there with a mere feeling of mutual love. It requires continuous effort. No relationship becomes perfect overnight; time and active measures make the relationship strong.

Before we skip to the good part- tips for relationships- let’s understand what it means to have a healthy relationship.

Every relationship has its unique pattern and style. But a relationship that usually makes you happy is, safe to say, the best one. You share common goals, you and your partner are on the same page most of the time, you respect boundaries, and you are in one relationship but also understand that you are two individuals. Whether you are newly in love or have been together for ages, among many others, these are some prime qualities that define a perfectly healthy relationship. Now, if you are thinking, “lucky people,” you are wrong. People who get to enjoy such relationships make conscious efforts to get there, whether it is while choosing the perfect partner or making it work with their current one. Luck has little to do with it.

You might be wondering, who are these people who know how to make a relationship strong? It’s not magic; no one is born with such knowledge. The ideas to further perfect your relationship are acquired. If you love them enough, you will work to find out ways to build better bonds. You seem to be doing the same. 

Without further ado, let’s jump to some solid tips for a strong relationship:

Tip No. 1: Compromises.

Compromise is often used negatively, but ask your favorite couple if they can compromise for love. The answer will most likely be YES. It is inevitable, primarily because two individuals come together in love but don’t always share the same mindset. And it is okay.

Compromises are a part of every relationship, not just a romantic one. Didn’t you ever give up on your wish to watch a movie and instead go shopping with your best friend? An even more relatable example will be people who wanted to follow their passion and opt for the arts stream went ahead and chose science because their parents said so. You see, settlements are in every sphere of our lives. It is not necessarily a negative thing. 

How do you compromise without compromising your authentic self? 

  • Among our top tips for relationships, making sure that you are not the only one making all the sacrifices is crucial. It should come from both partners, each making conscious efforts to find a middle ground. 
  • If you come halfway, give your partner a chance to figure out how to meet you there. Don’t go out of the reasonable limits of compromise.
  • While finding common ground, make sure you don’t lose yourself. For instance, your partner might not like some of your friends. The easiest way to avoid conflict is to stop seeing them. But does that assure a stronger relationship? No. All compromises are not good. Don’t lose yourself trying to make the relationship strong.

Example of a positive compromise:

Your partner loves loud music; you don’t. Buy them a pair of good headsets. Problem solved!

Example of extreme compromise:

Your boyfriend doesn’t like you dressing a certain way, and you give in to his wishes. It will not make your relationship last longer; but rather build resentment over time.

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Tip No. 2: Listen Carefully

Half of your problems can be solved if you pay attention to what your partner is saying. A relationship becomes stronger the more you know your partner’s wants and desires. But how? Listen to them, even when it sounds like mindless blabbers. People often tend to express their wishes casually in conversation, expecting their partner to pick up the hints.

Do you know the most typical wish of a person? It is to be heard. Being a good listener lets you kill two birds with one stone. Do not just pretend to be doing so; do it. Keeping a straight face and not responding or participating in the conversation will only push your partner to shut down their emotional expression. Speak when spoken to, find an answer to their problems proactively and see how your partner opens up to you. Nothing improves your bonding more than open and honest communication where both partners hear each other out.

What happens when you are an active listener?

  • Your partner feels comfortable discussing significant life events with you.
  • It works as an ego booster for your partner; who wouldn’t want to brag, “my partner hears my concerns”?
  • It makes your partner feel loved.
  • You create a safe space for them to vent and be vulnerable.
  • In return, you enjoy the same perks.

Tip No. 3: Express Your Emotions

You love your girlfriend or boyfriend; you know it, but do they? Learn to voice your feelings. Other than sharing daily I Love Yous, find new reasons to appreciate your partner. For instance, make it a habit to find one thing you love about your partner and tell them how you feel about it. For example, if they helped you pack your lunch for the office, or cooked you a delicious meal, don’t forget to mention how much you loved the gesture. Couples often don’t realize the power of acknowledgment. 

Let’s jot down the things you should express to your partner:

  • Tell your partner why you love them. Little things matter. For instance, “your smile is so pretty; I fell in love with it.” Or, how about, “I love you for how you make me laugh.” It not only makes them happy but is also a regular reminder of why you put so much effort into this relationship.
  • Acknowledge their efforts. It often goes unnoticed, the number of things our partner does for us without making a big deal out of it. Appreciate them. Tell them how lucky you are to have them in your life.
  • Be it your high highs or your low lows, share it with your partner. It works to bring you closer and makes your relationship more solid.
  • If you have any concerns about the relationship, express the same; bottling it up helps no one. Lose the accusatory tone if you want a productive discussion.
  • Ask your partner about their day. It’s a small act but does big wonders.

Tip No. 4: Trust

To make the relationship strong, trust and being trustworthy is key; nothing beats honesty. When you trust your partner, you show them that you not only love them but also carry immense respect. You encourage your partner to be a better person.

A healthy and meaningful relationship is built on trust. But it does not happen overnight. But then how do you build trust?

  • Do what you preach. 
  • Be consistent with your words and actions.
  • You are in one relationship but two different individuals. Understand and respect it. 
  • Boundaries.
  • And the obvious one; once built, try not to break your partner’s trust. If you break it once, chances are you won’t be able to gain it back again.

Tip No. 5: Spend Time and Plan Regular Dates

The best way to ensure a happy relationship is to spend quality time with your partner, whether it is going on regular dates or simply staying in and enjoying a movie together.

Relationships tend to lose their charm and almost become mundane after some years. Life gets in the way; work schedules don’t allow you to spend as much time as you did in the beginning, and there are more conflicts and even more chores, but wait a minute; over time, there should be more love as well. Shouldn’t that count? Focus on the love; the rest are insignificant.

How to spend more quality time with your partner?

  • Plan weekly dates.
  • Celebrate all the milestones.
  • Have a movie night once in a while.
  • Take a trip.
  • Plan a day without any internet and definitely no phones.
  • Don’t forget to get them flowers and ask them meaningful questions that go beyond “how was your day?”

Final Words

You have been searching for tips on how to keep a relationship strong; this very act is the first step. This is the first conscious step you took to build a better connection with your partner. This is the effort that your relationship needs. Rest, we have tried covering the basics. Just follow through.

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